party prep.

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I was laying in my bed when the clock struck midnight, watching the naughty scene play out on the LCD TV mounted on the wall in my room. It was one of my favorite videos starring an 18 year old twink who was posted up in the doggy style position on a couch, letting a group of well hung tops take turn servicing his ass. I had the covers pulled back and I was naked from the waist down, my hard as steel birthday cock sticking straight out and dripping with precum. I had a hard grin plastered to my face as I watched the cutie on the video moan as a hunk with a long, thick cock mounted him from the back and fed him full thrusts.

With my eyes glued to the TV I barely noticed that my dad had been standing at my opened bedroom door. His eyes were trained on the alarm clock on the nightstand beside my bed, filled with anticipation. I was so enthralled with the naughty video that I was watching that I didn't bat an eye until the clock struck midnight and he walked to my bedside. Without breaking my trance on the screen, I felt my bed dip and his strong grip on both of my shins, then my legs were lifted into the air. Finally, I turned my attention his way, smiling up at him with devotion while he crawled in and saddled up to my exposed boy pussy.

“Happy Birthday, Bobby,” he said with a warm smile as I batted my brown eyes up at him.

“Thank you, daddy,” I sighed, watching him lean down far enough to plant a deep French kiss on my mouth. As soon as his tongue slipped into my mouth I moaned softly, wrapping my arms around his neck. Seconds later, I felt the head of his rock hard man cock drooling at my back door, prompting me to wrap my legs around his midsection with a submissive whimper.

“Are you ready for me, sweetie?” he asked tenderly, and I nodded up at him with needy eyes. “You're very horny right now, aren't you?”

“Yeah,” I panted huskily, biting my lower lip as I waited for his entry.

A smile spread out across his face at the precise moment that I felt his bulbous glans pushing through the tight ring just inside of my hole, then he gained entry and I sighed with sweet relief. I felt like I was lost in a maze of carnal pleasures as he slid his throbbing erection all the way in, then his pubic mane smashed into my crack and my taint. Wanting him to know that I was ready for him to begin thrusting, I tilted my head to the right and puckered up, encouraging him to plant another tongue filled kiss on my mouth.

Much to my delight, his tongue quickly snaked into my mouth, then his hips began to move. His thrusts were fluid and packed with power, making me moan with reckless abandon into his mouth while my body rocked back and forth. My ankles were digging into his waist, a byproduct of the powerful sizzle that I had coursing through my body. My fingers were locked at the back of his neck, never wanting to let go as he took me to the isle of anal relief.

When he broke our second kiss, he talked gently to me again.

“Are you having a special 13 th birthday, Bobby?” he asked, watching with an affectionate smile as I nodded with a dreamy look on my face. “When you wake up, you're going to have an even better birthday, sweetie. Daddy's going to make sure that you get laid all day.”

“I can't wait, daddy,” I moaned, knowing that my boy pussy was going to be serviced over and over again by the nicest cocks in our family.

“That's my little bottom boy,” he said with a proud smile, then he leaned down and planted a lengthy French kiss on me that sent tremors through my now teenaged body. “Are you ready for daddy to put you down for the night?”

“Yes,” I hissed, feeling his cock plunge deep in my boy pussy over and over again.

As soon as I answered him, he took a firm hold of my ankles and pulled my legs apart even further, then he began to thrust with authority. I was watching him with a mesmerized stare, unable to reconcile the pleasure that I was feeling at the moment. There was a powerful heat spreading throughout my groin, wrapping itself around my boy boner while I took thrust after thrust. I was about to pucker up and ask for another kiss when the side of my bed dipped and a familiar face appeared, smiling as it hovered just inches from mine.

As soon as my big brother sat on the side of my bed, he reached down and brushed my bangs away from my eyes with a tender touch. At the same time, he pursed his lips and moved in for a kiss, sending a wave of romantic emotions through my sexed up body. Giving into my desires, I puckered up and accepted a mouthful of tongue from my big brother David. As soon as he planted his lips to mine, I felt my body start to erupt with the pleasures of gay sex. He cupped my smiling face with his soft hands while his tongue explored my mouth.

While I was swapping spit with my big brother, my daddy fed me ten more deep thrusts, then he pulled out and lowered my legs down to the bed. While I was moaning into David's mouth, my dad jerked off over my chest. Seeing that our father was about to shoot his load, David broke our kiss and helped me sit up so I could wrap my lips around his shaft. With a spring loaded cock now filling my mouth, I sucked lustily on it with a greedy smile. One luscious minute later, daddy groaned and his load erupted, filling my mouth with his seed.

As soon as I swallowed, I got back to work, sucking and cleaning my daddy's cock until he finally eased it from my mouth. I laid flat on my bed and smiled up at my two visitors, grateful for such a pleasurable birthday lay in my bed. I watched David lock eyes with daddy, smiling up at him with devotion, then they shared a French kiss while my brother pulled his boxers down.

“Would you like to share your boy pussy with your brother before you go to sleep, baby?” he asked, and I nodded feverishly while he reached out with both hands and fondled David's plump bottom. “Give Bobby a nice birthday treat, kiddo. When you finish in here, come see daddy for a goodnight kiss.”

“Okay, daddy,” David answered obediently, smiling tenderly at our father while he climbed between my legs and shuffled up to my horny boy pussy.

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