House of Calls/House of Spies

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I can't believe I forgot ALL ABOUT MICK. Well...this chapter's to make up for that! :)


Mick entered Anubis House with two bags. "Hello? Anybody!? It's Mick, I'm back from Australia! Hello?! Where is everybody?" He frowned.

Beep-beep. Beep-beep. Beep-beep.

He answered his phone. "Hello?" Mick answered.

"Hello, Mr. Campbell. I'll let you call me Reggie. I'm a friend of your friends. I need you to spy on them for awhile." A man with a hoarse voice said.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Mick frowned. "You don't know? Your so-called friends have been keeping a little secret from you. They formed a club years ago called Sibuna. You wanna know what they're up to? Spy on them."

"And what do I get in return?" Mick asked. "Every detail you give me, I will give you one-hundred dollars."

Contemplating between betraying his friends or money, and deciding that his family needs the money, Mick hesitated.

"You in?" Reggie asked. Mick bit his lip.

"I'm in."


Reggie hung up the phone.

"I did what you asked! I made that poor boy spy on his friends! Now let Rosie go!" Reggie demanded. He glared at the hooded figure.

"You see, Rosie is still in my way. Even if she did join us, she couldn't be trusted." He turned around, but Reggie walked up behind him and took his hood off.

"What did I tell you about the hood?" Rufus Zeno asked.

He throws it back on, and warned him, "Inform those little brats of this incident, and I will do the same thing I do to the rest of my victims."


"Kill them."


Eeeeeekk! Aren't you excited I brought him back? I know its kind of getting old. Sorry.


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