What's been going on is...

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------Becky's pov-----
Since Simon said the "no dating" rule me and Casey have just disobeyed him because we are now going out! We've been going out for like two days but still all the girls know and the boys because we told them through the group chat I got loads of "congratulations" and one "use protections guys" obviously from Jemma where he got loads of "you gee a pair and asked her! I'm proud of you Casey!"

-------Casey's pov------
I've been going out with Becky for two days and I'm so in love with her she's literally my dream girl the way her hair falls down her back the way her eyes sparkle everything.

------Martine's pov-----
Me and James was close to going out before Simon said the "your not allowed to date each other" rule we was so close! It felt like my world cams crushing down on me but me and James have been sneaking out every night to see each other he asked me out a week ago but we aren't telling anyone yet because if one person knows the others have to know plus Louis are mentor wants to know all the gossip! He's like one of the girls to us! Gotta love Louis!

-----James pov-----
I've told Martine not to tell anyone about us because personally I love this sneaking around stuff, last night we was star watching and then tonight we are staying in the games room on weekdays everyone goes to bed at 9 so at 9:30 me and Martine will meet then we will stay together till 1:30 during the day we text a lot! I think Jemma and Jake know because when they see me and Martine both laugh at texts they smirk! Oh well I'm happy I go out with her!

------Barclay's pov-----
Since the indecent with Jem and them girls happened me and Sophie started dating that night! It's been perfect everyone knows which I don't mind and Sophie don't mind! I am so happy I asked her out other wise I would be lonely Beales!

------Sophie's pov------
So me and Barclay go out result! Casey and Becky go out Leah and Reece go out then there's Beth and Tom!
Chris and Chloe then Charlie's asking Jord out on Thursday and Martine thinks none of us know her and James go out but we all do!
We all know Jord is going to say yes to Charlie.
Jake and Jemma are still best friends which we all hate because they won't go out... Yet that is!

A/N the people's who's povs was mentioned hardly have any now so that's why I did this!

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