The Clockwork Princess Chapter 5

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Ana could feel herself floating as if she had no body at all. Darkness consumed her body, shadows faded her vision. "Funny she doesn't realise..." a deep, hoarse voice whispered outwards into the darkness.

"Who...?" Ana tried asking but was silenced by another whisper "who can blame her she hasn't realised has she?" The voice said although it sounded as if it wasn't certain of it's own words. "This is ridiculous why doesn't that clockwork being tell her already?" It said impatiently. Perhaps they can't hear me? Ana thought "poor girl all she sees is blackness and hears only voices of her mind, she's clinically insane..." maybe Ana was as she had killed a huge spider like being and killed a dangerous amount of clockwork dolls.

"Where am I?" Ana found herself asking I've been asking myself this a lot Ana thought rolling her eyes. "She speaks" the voices seemed to echo into the darkness "a beautiful clockwork princess has already fallen into the nightmare." Clockwork princess? That's why Rebecca keeps calling me princess... " she doesn't know" the whisper became louder "she soon will" the other replied their voices fading.

Light suddenly filled Ana's vision soon a sight of cogs and clocks came to her line of sight.  Rusting over time as she scanned the area and in the middle of it all was that man Samuel. she noticed she still had a floating feeling I can't be in my body I must be looking through someone's point of view maybe? A smirk formed on Samuel's face. "Finally years of searching I found her! My clockwork princess! She shows promise!" He was chuckling to himself as he walked past the ever ticking clocks and turning cogs. "Soon to be-" but he was cut short from a running Rebecca her panicked. 

With each word she spoke Ana seemed to be getting further away from the commotion. From the body language Samuel didn't seem to be pleased on what Rebecca was saying. "That should've given her some more insight" the whispers started again "I don't understand what are you trying to tell me?!" Ana exclaimed turning as the whispers surrounded her in the pitch, black, darkness. "Still she does not know..." Ana felt mad from the whispers filling her head. "Listen clockwork princess and listen well trust nothing in this're out of time and he must give back what's your's..." It declared the whisper final.

Ana found herself on her back in a large, bright and padded room "isn't this a room for insane people?!" Ana asked startled. As she studied the room she noticed scratched drawings of cogs and clocks. And my handwriting Ana curled up on the bed next to the right side of the wall "what is this place why am I here?" Ana whispered her voice hoarse. Similar to those in the darkness...was I talking to myself?! Ana felt crazy as she unfurled herself and paced the room. She soon noticed her clothes changed a straight jacket but it was loose allowing Ana to move her arms.

Her feet was bare as she padded over to the door. As she gave a slight push it gave way with a slow yet loud creak letting Ana into her new environment a dark corridor. Ana took a few steps into the new scenery bloodied scrawled words 'give me back what's mine!' Filled the corridor another scrawled message caught Ana's attention 'you're out of time!' With a drawing of a clock etched beside it. "What the hell..." Ana murmered her fingers tracing the scribble. "You're out of time! Give me back what's mine!" Ana heard her own voice screaming this yet she didn't even uttered a word.

A door creaked open Ana whirled round looking for the source of the sound. At the far end of the corridor was a door ajar with a light streaming out. As Ana was reaching out to it her curiousity controlling her she heard the whispers repeating "you're out of time, give me back what's mine" Ana got so close to the door now the whispers were now screams echoing their own words. Until Ana opened the door and step through did the screams stop.

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