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Hey Wassup I'm Mila I Just Moved To L.A About A Week ago (Hits the Shmoney) Hah I'm Funny , Pretty, Shy, Asian and Cuban. I'm 17 And is Already in My Senior Year I'm Starting At This New School Called West High. I Only Moved To L.A Because Of My Parents Splitting Up So Now I'm Staying With My Mom But She Works A lot so We Don't Really Talk But Dats All U Need To Know with ya Nosey Ass ✋


Wassup Witchu I'm Anthony Aka August I been Staying In L.A Since I Was A Lil Youngin I Know My Accent Is Sexy lol I'm Originally From New Orleans Yeah My Hometown. I Go To West High School Been Here for at least 6 years everybody knows me and loves me specifically The Females I got A couple Friends N Niggas. I Stay with my big bro Mel.... Mom and Dad Went Solo without us so it's Been me and blood for awhile enough about me ✋

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