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"You know what. Sure, that sounds fun." I say without realizing, what the fuck? I should try and stay away from dreamy guys like Chris. But I don't want to stay away from him... Not really.

I look up at Chris after realizing I'm having a silent freak out, and he has the biggest smile on his face.

"Oh great! Okay, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow?! Oh and here's my number" he continues to ramble, usually I would think rambling was annoying, but when Chris rambled it was cute.

After he was done putting his number in my phone, he waved goodbye and walked away. I walk into my room when the smell of fruity perfume fills my nostrils.

"It smells weird in here" I comment. I've never really liked fruity, girly things.

"It's called perfume, and I wouldn't expect you to like it." Sarah called from the bathroom door. Her voice is so fucking shrill, I'm seriously getting a headache from her stupid voice.

"Yeah, cause it smells like a fucking stripper in here." What? A stripper?! I must be extremely tired because my come backs are weak. I don't even know what strippers smell like.

"Uhm, okay? Where were you all day? Smoking pot, having sex, getting a tat or something?" She asks clearly trying to be a bitch. I should punch her.. Should I? Yes. Imma do it. Oh wait I can't, Chris. Don't think he'd be too happy with me. No punching the Bitch.

"Well as a matter of fact I was with your brother" I throw this in her face cause I know it'll drive her fucking insane to know that her brother hung out with me.

"Wait, what?! You were with Chris, my brother Chris?!" As she says the words her face gets red with anger. Her hands balled into fists by her side.

"Yeah. Your brother Chris, he was nice enough to show me around" I push further, I wanna get a reaction out of her.

"Okay, listen slutbag. Stay away from Chris, he's a nice guy and I'm sure he thinks he can fix you or whatever. But I know that you'll only break his heart. So stay the fuck away. Got it?" She isn't yelling, she's actually being quite calm. And it's weird.

"Nah, I like him." Is all say, then make my way to my bed. And turn out the lights.
(Hey so yeah this chapter was kinda hard for me to write, so I'm Sorry if it's a little weird)

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