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three days.

i havent seen harry in three days.

im calling the police.

"hello? 911, what's your emergency?"

"my boyfriend, harry styles, has been missing for 3 days."

"where was he last seen."

"by me? here, at our house."

"okay, how old are you and how do you relate?"

"23. both. were engaged."

"okay, ill send a search party, ma'am. bye bye."


she simply hung up.


she didnt even get my name. i hope harry's alright. i hope they find him.

i miss him. no one holds me as i fall asleep. no one tells me everything will be okay. no one tells me that they love me. no one loves me. its not okay, not anymore.

i need him. i do. its 2 months until the wedding. im out of my cast, by the way.

i love him. so much.

what could be happening?!

Authors Note//i know u want a harrys pov, but it will give the whole book away.\\

i got a text

From: Harold_
Hello, my sweet, Alexia. I love you. I want you to know, I love you. So much. ~Harry.

no, no, no. that means...

he is dieing. being murdered. committing suicide. i dont know.


please God, no.

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