Chapter 8 - Fifth Letter

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Chapter 8 | LTC



I'm not saying I'm not disappointed when you didn't write. I still hate my guts! By the way, how are your day? I didn't get anything from you. My friend with a big mouth still hasn't tell me anything about you yet. Did you know that my friends are a big fan of ours? They even mix our names! Ha! Those girls are crazy!  Hey, I'm gonna tell you something. I've read it in the library because my friend asked me to and I cried! Oh god, I shouldn't tell you that. It's so embarrassing. So, the girl, the main,  has a friend and they are so close but they have a group of friends but they're the ones who is very close, and one day she just you know.. ignore her? Not completely ignore, she just had a new close friend, and then the main girl get sad and her POV is so sad that's where I cried! And the worst part is her friend who betrayed her! Grr, doesn't even know a thing?! Like what the hell?! She's your bestfriend and then you ignore her and have a new bestfriend and now you don't know what happened? Are your two bestfriends twin or something? I swear if that girl is real I'd kill her! I wouldn't want a bestfriend like that! You can't have two bestfriends can you? Wait, can you? Well, you can be all bestfriends but there's gotta be one person who you really really trust right? Oh gosh, I've write enough.. And sorry if it confused you or you think I'm dramatic or insane which I am-

See ya'.

- x


Hey! Don't you just love Xia? I wouldn't tell that to my crush! Or even write him a letter. I'm too shy. Well, even tho Xia's awkward to other people doesn't mean she's awkward to Cliff. Ugh, sorry for the mistakes.


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