I'm leaving the house to you. You can keep everything. Really. I'm to a magical world and I'm not coming back! I really really love you and I hope the best for you. Use the money I left you for your studies. Please do something with your life.
Lots of love,
I signed the paper at the bottom with tears in my eyes.
I packed my bags and went to the Leaky Cauldron.
I took a deep breath and went inside.
"Look who we got here."
The whole pub became quiet.
"What? Can't I order a butterbeer and then go to Diagon Alley like a normal witch?" I asked.
They all looked at me and my suitcase.
"Well?" I ask with an arrogant look.
"Are you from around here, little girl."
A young man asked. I guess he's 20? 25?
"First of all. I'm 16. Secondly, yes."
"Okkay. What's your name?"
"Ally- I mean Rose. Rose Jones" i said with a confident smile. I hope.
He stood up from his chair.
"No." ... I was confused.
Every one looked at me and him.
"You're the Jones girl", he laughed "Allyson Jones"
He came to me and pulled me in an embrace.
"Euhm.. Yes. How do you kn-"
"It's me, come on Jones, you remember?"
"No I don't"
Everyone was started to talk to each other again and didn't care about me anymore.
"I'm leo?"
"Leo? Like in Leo Scarlet?"
"The one and only baby"
I laughed.
"How come you look so much older?"
He smirked. "Puberty"
He became so cute and handsome. When I first met him, he had acne and brownish bowl-cutted hair.
"How come? You're only my age!"
"Let's get a butter beer and talk for a moment."
He smiled.
O gosh such beautiful teeth.
"Euhm sure." I smiled back.

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