Last Day Plans

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A few days past, and I gotta say the dinner place we went to was great a few nights ago. The guys were packing and they leave tomorrow at noon. I live in Boston so I really didn't have to go anywhere. I sat there quietly on the couch as the guys packed and laughed with each other,jokes and making fun of each other. I was looking at the ground.. it was so short, they week or two the guys were here for. Tyler jumped on the couch and sat next to me "Hey, what's wrong?" He looked at me and lifted my chin with his finger. I sighed "I don't want you to go.. I don't want any of you to go" I looked up. "Hey hey hey we'll come back DONT YOU WORRY CHILD!" Evan laughed a bit and looked at me. "yes! And on the bright side it'll only be a few months then we will come back!!! I promise" Said Craig with the biggest and dopiest smile ever. "Yea I guess but it'll be a long few months" I looked back down.

After a few minutes of silence Tyler wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight "AWH cheer up don't be a baby we'll come back I promise And we'll visit we'll atleast I'll visit forrrrrrrrr a month and a half or two." he smiled the goofiest smile. "You're a dork" I giggled and he kissed my cheek. "Continue packing Tyler we ain't got all day, if we all wanna spend the rest of the day together then we all gotta finish packing first" said Marcel looking at Tyler with a serious look. "ok fine" Tyler stood up and lugged over to his clothes and packed everything up.

After I'd say maybe 30 minutes the guys finished packing."Alright,all done" said Craig."Same" everyone else said.
"Alright where do you guys wanna go?" Anthony asked and he layed down on a bed. I thought for a bit, "when I was younger me and my cousin went to Plymouth Rock we can walk around there for a bit, or we could go to Martha's Vineyard for a day I did that with my mom and her boyfriend and her boyfriends daughter." I said looking up. "Isn't that in New Hampshire or somethin?" Marcel asked. "Yep yep" I giggled a bit "It isn't a long drive ya know, and it's really fun I love Martha's Vineyard" I smiled. "Im assuming it'll be a good memory for us" Evan smiled. "It will ^-^ especially for me and TyTy hehe" I said "Hah you're a dork! :)" Tyler said and laughed.
"Whaddya waiting for!! LETS GO!!" Marcel yelled jokingly and ran out the hotel. We stood up and walked out.

It was a while drive and we took the bus and got onto the boat and we headed out in the matter of a hour or two I'm not sure of it but I felt longer than that. At the time we got onto the island known as Martha's Vineyard it was about 11 o'clock in the after noon. I can't tell if this day will turn out bad.. Or good.

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