Joes p.o.v

Me Caspar and lia (his girlfriend) were the only ones remaining and surprisingly the least drunk , we started collecting the glasses and mopping up spilled drink off the floor so we wouldn't have to do so much in the morning ,when we were mostly done Caspar lead lia to bed .

I looked at Cassie on the sofa , her breathing was slow and she gave of a tranquil aura. She was snuggled up using the oversized sleeves of my sweater as a pillow. I sat on the chair next to the sofa and speculated what I was going to do with this sleeping body I'd only known for five hours. I gently brushed a stand of hair that hung on the side of her nose to behind her ear and admired her face, everything was in perfect proportion, she was pale but not pale enough to look ill and her hair was in a messy bun at the back of her head letting her chin length fringe flick under her chin and cup her face perfectly.

I grabbed an extra pillow and slid it under her head making sure not to wake her , I also laid a couple blankets over her lifeless body. And I took one last check just to make sure all the corners of the blankets were tucked into the sofa and every last one of her toes was covered. I walked away and took one last glance before walking down the stairs and changing into my pajamas , I turned out all the lights and rested my head on my pillow and smiled to myself, I only had to think about her and I'd be the happiest man in the world.
Shut up Joe your not in love
Why would she love you anyway
Why would that matter if she didn't love you
You don't even love her
You just think she's pretty

All these thought wizzed round my head and prevented me from sleep for at least an hour or two before my mind finally gave in to the fact it was 4: am and Id been awake for 21 hours.

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