Chapter 3- Giant Cutie

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Beckett Lola James

I was going to let Ren stew in anger at our dorm for awhile. Sometimes it's better to leave her alone. I hadn't seen these 'damn pesky, damn ignorant Australians' yet, if I can quote an extremely furious Ren. I decided to go to the band room since it was a lag hour, about 5:30, and no one would be doing anything I needed to be involved in. Rose was doing some songwriting with Mia, Ren was being mad, and Lucy was grabbing food. I was just going to chill in my favorite room on the entire planet and be happy.

No one was in the hallways of the music buildings since there were only twelve of us now after finding out these Aussies were a band, too. I thought about the new guys as I walked through the sunlit corridors leading to the band room. They all couldn't be assholes. I mean, the other three Lucy described didn't seem that bad. They might be a punk rock band because Ren's new friend ('if you call him that one more time, I swear to God, Becks!') had multicolored hair and his blonde friend had a lip ring. The giggly one seemed pretty well, you know... giggly and the Asian had a tattoo, I think?

I just really hoped they weren't huge dicks because there are two punk rock bands at this school with no time for ignorance. But, I was really excited to meet them. Not everyone is as bad as they seem, and they were Australian! How cool is that?

I finally got to the band room, it's huge oak doors giving the assurance that I was here for a purpose. Twin Pines had always been a second home to me, and I never could've dreamed that music could actually be a career path for me.

I looked down the hallways on either side of me, checking that the coast was clear. All was quiet on the front. I slipped off my shoe, which was a black flip flop I pulled from the back of my closet. Quickly, I checked the coast again, and hurled my shoe at the steel bannister at the top of the doorway. It knocked the spare key that me and my friend Rian hid up there for times like these, to the floor. Only we knew about it so far, but it went up about a week ago and I had no idea how I was going to put it back up. I scooped the key up as it clattered to the tiles below. Unlocking the door, I slipped inside.

The band room is our classroom and practice room. It's also sort of our romp room where we muck around and do whatever we want because we're stupid. I wandered around for a few minutes, testing out instruments and doing some general organizing. Eventually I remembered that I had an English essay due next week, then I was supposed to go over a few songs for a gig with Mia and Rose, and I probably should work on my Calculus. I headed out but encountered and minor (MAJOR) problem. I am an extremely vertically challenged member of society. Standing at 5'4", I do not have the advantages of some who are blessed with long spines and legs. I couldn't put the spare key back up at the top of the doorway.

"Shit." I murmured under my breath, wondering what I was going to do. God, I was such an idiot. All the girls would laugh at me if they found out. I heard feet pattering behind me and I turned to face the adjoining hallway from the one I was in. A tall figure ran down the corridor heading into the boys' dorms, and I thought the would be tall enough to jump and put the key on the door. "Hey!" I called after them, my small voice resonating off the stone around me. I ran to the edge of the hallway, only to see the figure slip into his room.

I turned down the hallway, passing the rooms of our brother band, All Time Low. I came to the room that I saw the tall person go into, and adjusted my grayish-green beanie, pulled my shirt down, and fixed my black leggings. I gave two light taps on the wood door, and waited in the warmth of the hallway. Eventually, I heard movement on the other side of the door, and it swung open.

He was the most beautiful boy I'd ever laid my damn thirsty eyes on. His blond hair was pressed flat to his forehead by a beanie that seemed to be the exact same color as mine; a steel black lip ring nestled in the corner of his left bottom lip; he had the cutest, most boopable nose probably in existence; and his eyes were... it's kinda hard to put into words. They were every shade of light blue, but they were just bright blue at the same time. Then again, they were like eight or nine different shades.

I stood there staring at him for a few moments, probably looking like a moron, but he did the same to me. Did I mention he was a giant? (Well, he was probably only a giant to this little pixie/sprite.)

I broke eye contact and stared down and my bright red toes. "Hi." I found myself whispering softly. "Hey." He said back. I did not expect that deep voice from him. Even hearing say one word, I knew he was an Australian. "Um... I need your help with something insanely stupid. Is that okay?" I looked up and made my most irresistible puppy eyes at the guy, and he started grinning widely at me. Dimples, dimples, dimples!

I explained my height dilemma to him, and he agreed to help me. "So, you're saying you can't reach the top of the doorway?" I nodded my head, my blue bangs flopping down in my face. "I'd be happy to help. My name's Luke, by the way." Luke stuck out a massive hand that was probably only massive to me because I have the hands of a five year old. I shook it. "I'm Beckett. Usually just Beck or Becks for short."

"Cool. One sec, okay?" He partially shut the door and said something to his roommate. A seconds later he stepped out into the hall. "Let's do this."

Luke couldn't reach the doorway, either.

He was just a few inches short though, when he jumped. He tried throwing the key up there, and it stayed for one second,then fell and hit him on the head. After a few minutes, Luke paused and glanced at me. "Do you want me to lift you?" I was too busy internally drooling at his accent to comprehend what he said. "Come again?"

"If I lifted you on my shoulders it would be easier to put the key back." I was a bit flustered. What did him lifting me up exactly imply?
"I'd mush you."

"No, you wouldn't. You're tiny. It would feel like carrying a baby."

"Are you calling me little, Luke?"


"Well then." I folded my arms over a nonexistent chest and glared at Luke. A cheeky smile broke out across his face and a giggle that would cure cancer came out. Luke tried to stand on his tippy toes and slide the key up the wall. The hem of his shirt came up over the waistband of his black skinny jeans. I'd known this guy for like five minutes and I was staring at his 'V'. Good god, Beckett. Get yourself together.

I let him pick me up. Luke's broad shoulders were wider than most mountain ranges, and supported my thighs very nicely (that sounded so wrong, forgive me). The key slipped in its little area nice and smoothly when Luke handed it up. When he set me down, his fingers were like rays of sunlight on body. His hands were so warm and ugh.

"So," Luke said as soon as my feet were back on the ground. "Tell me about your band."

"Well, we've been together since about three or four weeks after I got here, and we are punk rock."

"That's it?"

"I'm not very good at descriptions. Tell me about your band."

"We're called 5 Seconds of Summer-"

"Why?" I interrupted Luke. I'm always interested in why bands have certain names, and 5 Seconds of Summer was one of the coolest band names I've heard in awhile. "Michael thought it up one day. It has absolutely no meaning whatsoever as far as I know." I was going to assume that this Michael was the 'dumbass skunk boy' Ren was going on about. I threw back my head and laughed. Boy, was Ren going to be pissed when she found out. Luke cocked his head to one side, his blue eyes widening with an adorable confused expression. "What?"

"Nothing. It's just that Ren is going to be so mad when she finds out the kid that made fun of her for a weak band name is in a band with no meaning to their name at all. Like, that's hysterical."

"You have a nice laugh, Beckett." I got the chills when Luke said my name. ITS BEEN LIKE TEN MINUTES. I CANNOT BE THIS OBSESSED IN TEN MINUTES. "Thanks." A conversation launched from that point.

It was about eight when I got back to my room I find Lucy swooning over Luke's bandmate and roommate Ashton who she met at Starbucks. But, I didn't really listen.

'You have a nice laugh, Beckett.' That was a cute compliment. And a cute boy.

What a cupcake.

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