GAME DAY!!!!!!!

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All 4 of us were at the tv watching the news. Then sword art online realise thingy came on. "Today the virtual game Sword Art Online will come out! People have been waiting in line for a long time! Soon it will go on server! Put your nerve gears on! Two more mins!" The news lady said. "Ok let's go!" Said Akiko. I set a timer.
1 min and 40 secs later....
"10,9,87,6,5,4,3,2,1!" We said together. "LINK START!" We all said together again. I opened my eyes. "Whoa! It's like the beta test!" I said loudly. "SHHHH! People hate beta testers!" Said Akiko."oh sorry!" I said scratching the back of my head. "Let's look around!" Said Mizuki. "Don't get killed by a wolf. AGAIN!" I yelled at his face. "Hehehe... Sorry.." Said misak. "SHHHH!" Said Akiko. We walked around tell 5:40."it's dinner time for us! We have to log out!" Said Akiko. "AWWWWWWWW!" The three of us said. "Let's goooo!" Said Akiko. We all lifted our hands. "There is no long out button..." Said Mizuki. "HOLY CRAP!!!" I yelled. Just then we were teleported. There was a huge thing with a robe. He said his speech about everything. "it was no mistake having the logging out button gone." He said. Blah blah blah dead people UR stuck blah blah blah. "Here's a present i left in UR inventory" the dude said. We all checked. "A mirror?" Said misak. Then it went blue. We checked the mirror again. "what. The. Hell!" I yelled. It wasn't our avatars anymore. It was us.

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