Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

My dad used to walk around our yard every fall, carrying the gun, and shooting any squirrel he saw. He said it was because if he didn't they would make a nest in our attic and they would be impossible to get out. He would come in and exclaimed that he shot three squirrels.

I've been trying all day and I haven't shot anything but trees. I've don't everything I can think of, I use my shooting eye, my stance is shoulder length apart, my hands are steady, I take a deep breath in and out then shoot. No matter what I do, the bullet never connects.

When the sun starts to set I go back to our camp, empty handed.

"Shoot anything?" Alec greeted me.

"No, did you find any food?" We have been without food for a few days and the situation has become desperate.

"No. I went into a nearby town and everything was gone. I'm pretty sure there's not a crumb of food that hasn't been hunted down."

He has lost a lot of weight from when I first met him. He no longer had the body of an athlete but of scrawny kid, he was all lines and edges. I could see my own body had taken on a edgy, fragile appearance. We were slowly wasting away.

"Maybe we should go into houses." I suggested.

"Okay, but we should go now before the sun goes down."

We packed up our stuff and headed out towards town. The town was only a few miles away but our bodies were so malnourished that it was a painful walk.

I used to read a lot of dystopian novels, I never thought that I would live one. And once I found myself staring in my own dystopian story, I felt like none of those numerous books never really captured what the down fall of society would mean. All those books never mentioned how your thoughts circle around food and if what you're doing is safe or not. Sure sometimes Alec distracts me enough for me to think about something else, but if I don't force myself to think about something else, I think about food and safety.

Those books also never mentioned how depressed you feel all the time. The heroes are always able to forget themselves for the greater good. It's a huge lie! If I met a group of people right now and they were in trouble, I would duck my head and walk faster. Peoples goodness and humanity doesn't come out when there's nothing to hold humanity together, they turn selfish and cynical.

Alec is a rare species, he seemed to have not changed his view on life at all. He's still idealistic, caring and compassionate. I don't know how he's managed to keep his head screwed on straight, I feel like at any moment I'll loose it and go insane.

That's another thing they don't talk about, along with the depression and cynicalness it feels like you're always on the boarder of going bonkers. It's tiring, being constantly worn down by these thoughts of impending doom, but no matter what I do I can't forget.

We reached town and these thoughts were still swirling around in my head. I use the word "town" loosely, it was more like a cluster of houses, stretched along one road that stretched for several miles. We stopped by the first house we saw. It was hard to tell which ones were abandoned and which house had people hiding in them.

"What do we do, knock on the door?" I ask

"I doubt anyone will open the door for us."

I thought for a second, we didn't want to mess with anyone anymore than they wanted to be messed with.

"We could look into some of the windows?" I suggested.

Alec shrugged, climbing the front porch steps. It was a nice house, it had a wrap around porch with a swing. Blue shutters framed every window, standing out against the brick.

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