Chapter 8- Never be

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After a lay in till about 10, I decided I should go and give Alejandro the tickets before show rehearsals started at 2.

I quickly got in the shower and washed my hair before throwing it up into a messy bun. I then put on a pair of track suit bottoms and a Hollister t-shirt.

I didn't bother putting any make-up on, knowing that I'd have to wash it off later anyway to get my show make-up done.

Luckily, seeing as I was almost 18, I'd got my driving license back home and was legally allowed to drive here as well. Ash had made sure to sort out an American driving license before I actually got here.

I walked past the tour bus to where the guys were keeping their cars in a garage type place at the back of the studios.

Ash had also gone to the expense of hiring me a very good looking, sleek, black range-rover.

I got in and started the ignition, smiling hearing the loud purr of the engine.

In no time I'd arrived at Alejandro's father's restaurant, and parked outside.

I picked up the three tickets that I'd placed on the passenger seat. They were in the VIP seating area and Ash had kindly thrown in backstage passes as well.

He's too much of a softy.

Bit of a pushover really.

"Excuse me is Alejandro here?" I asked the waitress at the front desk.

"Ya," she answered and then picked up the phone.

She blabbered for about a minute on the phone, talking really fast, in a l angular that I'm pretty sure wasn't English. Most likely Italian.

"He coming." She told me, her accent thickly layering her words.

I nodded at her and stepped away from the desk.

"Hey Jazz!" Al emerged quickly from the doorway leading behind the restaurant.

"Hey, here are the tickets as promised, Ash has also given you all backstage passes, so after the show, pop round." I handed them to him.

"Wow, thank you so much! I wasn't asking for this much." He gushed.

"No, no it's fine, I've got to go now though. Preparations and etc, I'll see you at the show!" I waved goodbye and began to walk back to the car.

Sexy and I know it suddenly started blasting from my phone's speakers as it buzzed in my pocket, indicating an incoming call.

Nia <3

I should've guessed. It's just like her to customize her ringtone, especially if it includes annoying me in anyway.

"Hello?" I answered in what I thought was some sort of European accent:

"Uh, hi, do you know if Jazz is there please?" She asked.

"Is there a Mr Wall there?" I asked back.

The line was silent.


"I said is Mr Wall there?" I asked again.

"Do you know what, I'm sorry, I probably have the wrong number..."

"Wait, uh, is there a Mrs Wall there?"

"Uh, no."

I paused.

"Are there any walls there?"

"No..." She trailed off.

"How does your house stand up then?!" I laughed.

It was a terrible joke, but a funny prank call.

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