not getting any better

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Annabeth's (P.O.V)

Hazel, Frank,And Nico all went back to camp Jupiter since percy still hasn't been acting to well. Its been a week and he still hasn't come out of his cabin. Today I'm making him come out, there is no way he is going to stay in there. I understand he's hurt but his mom would not want him to act like that. Even though we don't get rain or Snow unless we want to it has been raining all week so we've had to cancel all capture the flag games.(just in case you forgot percy is the god of rainstorms and stuff so that's why its raining.)

"Seaweed brain open up!"

"Go away I want to be left alone." Percy yelled back at me.

"It's me Annabeth open up or I'm coming in and make it stop raining."

The rain stopped but I heard a lot of banging and stuff falling over in his cabin.

"Percy are you all right in there?"

H......hang on a s....second trying to find a t shirt. You don't want to see me shirtless do you?" Percy said rushed and panicked.

"Actually I do--" "Hey Annabeth" Percy said cutting me off.

"Why do you have on a long sleeve shirt it's like 89 degrees out here? Thanks for making the rain stop by the way "

"Your welcome and what did you need." He said leaning in the door frame.

Percy had a tight fitting dark blue shirt on. After I stopped looking at his body I looked at his face and had to hold in a gasp. His eyes had dark purple rings around his eyes, his hair was greasy since he hadn't washed it and he reeked.

"Would you mind moving so I could come in and make you clean up because you stink."

"Annabeth I'm really not in the mood can you please leave me alone."

Something started to seep onto the arms if his shirt leaving dark heavy spots from his wrist up to his elbow.

"Um Perce what us that on your arm?"

"N.....nothing." He said covering his arms up.

"Let me see it right now." He shook his head again so I charged into the cabin an tackled him onto His bed. I sat in his lap and started to roll up his sleeves while he struggled to get off of me. When I pulled up his sleeves I let out a big gasp and scrambled off of him. He had red slashes all along his skin some where white and others were purple and black.

"A....Annabeth I..i..can....explain." Percy says nervously as he trys to grab my hand.

I jerk away and lean against the door.

"Don't touch me percy, what are you doing are you seriously cutting how is that even helping you solve your problems!"

"Please Annabeth don't be like this. It takes away the pain everyday I'm plauged with nightmares you don't understand this is the only way I stay sane."

" there has to be another way I can't be around you if you keep acting like this first you starve yourself, not clean up after yourself, and now you cut. Percy I think we need to take a break until you get over this depression and you need to talk to Chiron about this.''

"Annabeth please,please don't leave me your all that I have I have left. If you leave me who will I lean on, please I need you In my life don't leave me Annabeth I love you."

"Percy I can't keep doing this your not getting any better."

"Please we can get through this together please we've been through everything together and accomplished it please."

"I'll see you when you get better Perce."


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