Chapter 2

As she saw him, a smile immediately appeared on her miserable face.

As he saw her, he approached her with a warming smile "Oh MaeRi! Good morning" he said as he flashed a smile.

"Good Morning, Kyungsoo" she replied as a blush crept on her cheeks.

He smiled at her cuteness.. "So, did you have breakfast already?"

"Yes, I did, thank you" she replied with a smile

"Oh, I see..." he seemed a bit disappointed for a second before his face lit up again as he asked "What about coffee?" He leaned to get something from his desk "Here, drink this!" he said smiling widely as he handed her a cup of warm coffee.

"Ah, Thank you" she smiled and bowed slightly at him. A moment of silence occurred before she bowed again and bid her goodbye "Thank you, Kyungsoo-ssi" She quickly said and rushed to her own desk. As she sat down and settled to start off with her work.

"Psst! MaeRi-ah! Did you hear the news?" She heard her friend HeeJin calling her.

"What news?" She leaned over from her desk to see her friend.

"They say they're replacing employees with new ones"

"Oh that's cool with me; I was planning on quitting anyway"

"WHAT? QUITTING? YOU NEVER EVEN MENTION-- Okay never mind that! But I wasn't talking about OUR department, it's at the Production&Manufacturing department, they're replacing most off the employees there, except for well experienced ones"

"So?" She asked pretty annoyed by this pointless conversation already

"Well, I know a friend there, and she said that there are some REALLY HOT GUYS there!! Including hot tanned guys... if you know what I mean~~" she winked

"Whatever" MaeRi rolled her eyes at her childish friend. Well, truth is, she really did have a thing for tanned skinned guys, they are just attractive! But she was still not that interested knowing there will be hot guys joining the company.

She really wasn't looking for love or anything right now, even though she admits her little crush on KyungSoo, her dreams of being in a lovable relationship with her ultimate bias; Kang MinHyuk from CNBLUE were her main; he's just too perfect. She smiled unknowingly at the thought of him, she took a look at her phonescreen background, which was his picture of course, and smiled widely "Someday.." she whispered to herself..

Soon after, she shrugged her thoughts away and started off with her work.

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