Hey, Its Billy, and I know I may loose a lot of readers doing this, I may no longer have people come bye to read this book, but I am now putting it under slow updates. I have another story, The Nerd Story, and its coming closer to the end, I want to focus on that book, and get it finished.

I AM NOT PUTTING THIS ON HOLD!!! The updates just will not be weekly, I will change in the tittle to (Slow Updates), because I am not giving this book the true attention I want to, due to my excitement on my other one. I will still update, I don't want you to delete this book, but if you do, I understand. I always asked myself how an author could get so many reads and votes, and stop writing, which i still wonder. I am in no way stopping this book, I will finish it, but the next few months will have slower updates, by April (If not before), I plan on being back to at least one update a week, if not more.

So you can keep this book where you have it, archive it in your library or delete it. I am sorry that I am not able to keep my weekly updates, but I am not going to rush this book, and make it terrible, because I am excited for the reads and votes. I did not start my writing for fame, or followers, and I don't want to start. Again, I will be updating, not deleting, not on hold, just slow.

With all the Love and Apologies,

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