chapter 32

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It has been four days sence me  and harry had our... incodent but..... he seems to forget that I'm alive... And he's been treating destiny like shit... Looking at her all sideways and always hockey- checking into her when they pass eachother... And other shit that pisses me off but, i guess she learned that if she breaks up with me, she wont go fuck with Harry, now will she? I mean i do feel really bad for even hitting kaili and letting destiny break up with me but what was i supposed to do? I am positive that she still loves me but she doesn't sleep as close to me as she used to.  I KNOW I fucked up but.... How am i ever going to get her to love me like she  used to?

I know one way, I am taking her and Kaili and Niall on a double date to a place that destiny and kaili love, It's called Paige's Crossing. And I told Niall but no one else "destiny, go get dressed now, and make sure you look presentable." i say and she smiles and goes upstairs.

niall says the same thing to kaili and she runs upsatirs after saying, "dont tell me you think im not presentable right now?" and giggles, she was in a big orange hockey hoodie and booty shorts and her hair was just a poop on her head. A little bit later Destiny comes downstairs wearing bleach washed jeans and a black crop top that says yonve on it even though she problably doesn't know what it means, she failed french twice, and some black jordans and a black jprdan snapback and her hair is curled. (outfit on side, far right). And i gasp, she is wearing makeup. But I don't let her hear me so that she doesn't get hurt feelings, that would be the last thing i need.

A little later Kaili come downstairs and her hair is straightened and she has on ripped jeans and a red mickey mouse hoodie and a necklace that says 23 For MJ and some black and red jordan 13 retros. She also had on a mickey mouse watch and a i heart haters snapback. She looked nice too.

I had on my varsity jacket and some skinny jeans and my jordan retros.

Niall had on a  red polo and white skinny jeans and red and white jordans and a red and white snapback. I told him he looked like a stop sign. He said he didnt care.

We got in the car and the girls sat in the back screaming rape because we wouldn't tell them where we were going.

There was a lady in the car next to us and she had her window down and she was staring at us so i made a lengendary louis tomlinson face. she drove faster and soon was far, far away.

Soon we pass the sign and the car falls dead silent. niall's phone goes off and it says "kaili" on the front screen.

he types something in and i can see behind me, destiny looks at kaili's phone and her eyes go wide "BABY, YOUR TAKING US TO PAIGE'S CROSSING?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!!??!?!???!?!?!?!!??!?" She yell/asks I back hand Niall and he giggles.

Well, now it's no surprise, "thanks niall, Yeah babe, i know, you've been mad at me ever sence that whole kaili thing and so i just wanted you to not be mad at me, i know you have to have kaili by your side 24/7 so i thought it would be a cute double date an-" i get cut off by destiny "Louis, shut up! You are amazing." she says and i chuckle.

why? i ask myself. I don't deserve her. why does she treat me so good?


OH, MY GOD!!! LOUIS IS OBVIOUSL THE BEST!! He is taking me and kaili and nial to an awesome place called paiges crossing. OH lord. he's awesome, but i am so bad to him, he wraps up in his own blanket and sleeps all the way on the other side of the bed.. He hates me... Why does he treat me so amazing?

3 days later***********************************************************************************************


Well, destiny loves me again and it is so amazing. i had to force her to snuggle with me and... I guess that's what she was looking for because when i wrapped me arm around her shoulders, she pulled closer to me and put her hand around my waist and other on my chest, just like she used to. i kissed her forehead. 


I am taking everyone on a double date again and this time we're going out to eat. destiny knows we are going to a place that serves pepsi so she puts on a coke crop top and high-waisted pants and some grey, yellow, and blue jordan 11's. (on side far left) we walk in and Niall and kaili have thier hands in each others but my arm is around destiny's shoulders and her arm's around my waist. we sit at our tables and enjoy our food. when we get done niall decides he wants ice cream. OK? So i take him to culvers and he orders a large oreo blizzard and me and destiny share a large butteringer blizzard. Kaili tried to share with Niall but he yelled at her to get her own. he's such a skinny fat ass. when we get home its just like last night except instead of a scary movie we have to watch a chick flick, we watch Twilight. I know it's girly but it was this or monster- in- law. so, Twilight it is.. Niall started crying before destiny did, when edward was in the woods and had to tell bella that he was a vampire. Destiny cried when on the third one, Jacob got attacked. so.... wonderul night. 


Today me and Destiny woke up on the couch and we made breakfast for every one. Even Harry. 

Destiny took it to him and he had all plastic shit. I didn't want him to get any ideas from his new best friend, justin. Yeah, that prick is back, this time though he knows not to fuck with people, so he makes harry do everything for him.A couple of days ago, Harry came downstairs and he was whispering something to  himself and destiny asked him what was wrong. "NOTHNG!! I Dont have to answer to you!!!" "I'm so sorry you ass hole, I just tried to ask you a question" destiny yelled back at him he raised his fist but Justin saw me coming and grabbed harry's hand. They ran upstairs and yeah... when i blink i realize that i  have been staring into space for no reason and so did Niall. I decide that today, me and destiny are going on a date, no one else, just us.. 

She comes downstairs wearing a pink camo shirt that says wierd on it in white, and ripped bleach washed jeans and some kd's and a black detroit snapback. her hair is crimpy too... 

i haven't told her where we were going but i know... we're going to the old tree house. 

when we get there, the door was unlocked, last I remember I was the last person here and i always lock the door. Destiny's face turns bright red as soon as we walk in. WHY? Oh well.... I shake it of, i have a fun day planned out for us, first we will watch one movie, then we will go swimming, i brought dest's swim suit cuz she didnt know we needed them. Then we will go get some type of food and we will obviously have to go to the park then, home.

after the day is done, we get home and i forgot something in the car. I opened the front door or destiny and we walk upstairs, i run down real quick and out to the car, i am looking in the trunk, i swear that's where i left it. I see justin's obey shirt and then i feel something hit my head really hard. then i see darkness


Where is louis? where is Niall? Where is kaili? Where is justin? i ound harry. where is Liam? i call everyone except justin and no one answers, i run in kailis room one more time and glance at our desk. 'left with ni and liam to get drunk, have fun with louis, see you... when i see you'  damn they're all gone and so is louis car. fuck im here alone. with HARRY... Out of everyone, it has to be Harry... I go downstairs and he is on the couch in silence smiling at space for no reason and he's creepy. I walk over and sit next to him. i glance at him and he is staring at me.  I screech. He is not smiling any more. i am looking into his eyes and i see why he is being bipolar, i recognize that shimmer, that special glossy touch, heroine.

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