Chapter 2

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Ginger's P.O.V

I walked into our lab only to find my siblings. "What's up?" I asked trying to hide my worried voice but I was failing. Angela then walked up to me and whispered. "I'm worried for him." You could clearly see her concern.

"Oh come on he's fine." I looked at Hiro who was fiddling around with a robot. "What if he doesn't find the guy of his dreams. You know there's like no gay guys here other than Hiro." I saw her look at the floor sadly. "He'll be fine. I mean there is more time for him to find his love." I said trying to comfort her.

"Yeah but." She looked up. "Don't worry. I think we should get ready for tommorow. So let's clean our lab." I smiled.

Angie nodded and the three of us began cleaning.


After we finished and packed up.  We were walking home like always, until we noticed that in The Lucky Cat Café there was moving truck. I wasn't expecting people to move in there. Oo I wonder if they're gonna run the café now!

"Do you think that's where the new student lives?" Angie questioned. "I don't really know but let's hope so!" I whispered. "Yeah well I don't wanna get in trouble so let's go." Hiro said while grabbing our arms and walking forward.

"Hey Mom!" We said in sync. "Hey guys." Mom said kissing our foreheads.

"I'm making dinner so you guys have time to play or do homework." She said. "Okay." I replied.


Y/N's P.O.V (I bet you weren't expecting that, Y/N: your name)

"Hey, Dashi!" I called. "Yeah Y/N!" Tadashi answered. "I think this box is yours!" I replied. I saw Tadashi walk over. "Thanks." He said grabbing the box.


We had finally finished taking everything out of the truck, but we still had to unpack. I was pooped I didn't even want to move. "Oh. Sweetie are you hungry?" Aunt Cass asked. "Sure, Aunt Cass." I said.

I'm Y/N and I've been living with Tadashi and his Aunt for about three years now. "Hey Y/N guess this is gonna be our room." I nodded. We put the beds up and then the divider.

"Goodnight Dashi." I said. "Goodnight Y/N." Dashi replied.

I can't wait till tommorow since we have school.


Yay second chapter and you're in it so yay! Idk what to say hope you like I guess.

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