Chapter 18: When A Loved One Falls

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Flippy snapped back and stared down at Flaky's motionless body. "No.. No, you can't do this to me!" Flippy shouted out, taking Flaky into his arms. He crossed the town line with her and gently placed her inside his truck. "Please, hang in there!" Flippy begged as he drove to the nearest hospital.

As he entered the hospital with Flaky, he saw dead doctors looking as if they've been mangled by some beast. "Goddamn it! How did this happen!?" Flippy cried out.


"You again? I should've known. Why the hell did you have to go and do that?! At this rate, Flaky is..!"

FWI, I didn't kill everyone. There's still Sniffles.. I couldn't find that bastard in time..

"Where is he?!"

How the fuck should I know?!

Suddenly, Flippy heard a noise from behind him. It was Sniffles. He was standing there, shocked.

"Sniffles! Please, you gotta help me!"

But Sniffles backed away when Flippy took a step closer. "Stay away!" he ordered as he held up a surgery knife. "I'm not afraid to use this!"

"Sniffles, I won't hurt you! Just please.. help her..!" Flippy begged, kneeling down. Sniffles lowered his weapon. He looked at the helpless young girl in his arms. Then he looked at Flippy. Instead of seeing those merciless yellow eyes, he saw the dark, blue eyes of a friend. "Come with me," said Sniffles, leading them into the emergency room.

"What happened to her?" Sniffles asked as he examined her wounds. 

"There was an accident outside of town. She got hurt." said Flippy, laying Flaky down on the examination bed.

"Oh... Well, her injuries are pretty severe. This will take some time. Meanwhile, why don't you wait outside in the lobby? I know how.. intense you can sometimes be around blood." said Sniffles. Flippy nodded and was about to head outside when Sniffles said, "Oh, and Flippy?"


"Take this. It should cease the pain from your injuries." said Sniffles, handing over a syringe of morphine. Flippy took it and went outside. He sat down in the lobby and inserted the morphine into his arms. The pain slowly faded away. But he didn't care whether the pain went away or not. He was worried about Flaky.

Was she going to make it? Would she be okay? Is she...? Flippy began exploring the worst case scenarios that could happen. He knew he would have no way to prepare himself. Losing Flaky would mean the end of the world for him. Without her, there was no him. He wondered if Fliqpy even cared. He wanted to know. Was there the possibility that Fliqpy's love for Flaky is real and true?


 What now?!

"Do you... care for Flaky?"

I... Why do you want to know?!

"Just wondering... Do you?"

You already know the answer to that.

Flippy sighed. He knew, but he just wanted to be sure. "Do you think she made it?"

Of course.

".. How can you be so sure? What if.. she didn't?"

I swear, if I could, I'd knock you right in the jaw right now.

"Its just.. I can't get these doubts out of my min-"

Just shut the fuck up. Have some faith.

Flippy was rather surprised by Fliqpy's concern and sudden interest in faith. But he was right. Its just that worry plagued his mind. Who knew Fliqpy had an iron will?

"I know.. I'm sorry, you're right. Its just.. I love Flaky so much! I can't lose her. Ever. Its just.. it ain't easy knowing she's in there, injured with a chance of dying. Eternally. 

Life ain't easy. There's shit you gotta take. Like how I gotta put up with you every fucking day. 

Flippy laughed in spite of himself. "You know, Fliqpy... All this time, I thought you were just a killing machine designed for war. But.. I never knew you were capable of loving."

Just get it out. What the hell are you trying to say? 

"I'm trying to say that I think this can work, Fliqpy."

Work? Keep dreaming, kid. 

Flippy adjusted himself on the jet black sofa and lied down. He was exhausted, but couldn't sleep. All he could do was relax his injuries. Every time he closed his eyes, the image of Flaky all hurt and bleeding flashed through his mind. He filled him with unimaginable guilt and pain of being unable to save her from such a horrid accident. Seeing Flaky suffering was pure torture. 

After a few, long grueling hours, Sniffles emerged from the room with a grim look on his face. Flippy's eyes widened with fear. He could tell something was wrong. 

"What happened? Is she okay?! For God's sake, please tell me she's okay!" Flippy said with a staggering sob. 

"She's alive, but... because her injuries were recieved outside town, its going to be some time before they heal fully. Meanwhile, she'll be in a state of sleep. In other words, a coma." Sniffles informed, bracing himself for Flippy's coming reaction.

Flippy looked down to his feet and crossed his hands on his head, blocking any view from his eyes. Tears formed slowly, then began to stream rapidly down his cheeks. 

"Oh, god... Flaky..." he weeped. 

Flippy was full of sadness, but also with a hint of relief. She was alive. Knowing that fact she was going to live was enough news for him. But he also knew that he wouldn't hear Flaky's sweet voice for quite a while now, or see her beautiful, scarlet eyes mend his broken heart. It would be hard, but he swore to himself he would never give up. 

Right now, Flaky was his top priority. His everything. Sure as hell, he was going to protect Flaky with all his might. He wouldn't dare lose her another time, ever again. 

He proceeded to enter the emergency room and stood near Flaky, touching her cheeks. They still had their warm touch. He bent down and kissed her lips, then her forehead. "I promise... I'm going to protect you. Because I love you." 

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