*Perrie's POV*

We arrive at the Teen Choice Award and start to begin with interviews before we take pictures.

"Hi Little Mix!" The interviewer from OMG insider by Yahoo! asks.

"Hi!" We all say in unison

The interviewer asked us about our music and our next upcoming album. Then it got into personal questions like boyfriends.

"So Perrie, There is a tattoo of your face on your boyfriends arm. I mean this is a big deal. How did you feel about that?" She asks all happy.

"It must be love to be honest. Um when I'm away from him I guess he could just take a look at his arm and wah bam I'm there so it's a lovely compliment really. I love it I think it's really lovely." I reply.

"Was it a good picture? Do you like the picture?"

"Yeah it's just a cartoon version of me. Like a little character. But yeah it's cool."

"You know what they say first comes tattoo next comes bling bling wedding ring."

"Awww well we'll have to see, I'm not sure about that." I laugh nervously.

Our manager guides us out of the interview to go take pictures. I remember the day Zayn came back from Maryland, they had a little break so he decided to come home and show me a surprise which was the tattoo.


"Babe? I'm home!" I hear Zayn call out.

I run out of our bedroom and see him with his black coat on holding his luggage. He opens his arms as in invitation to hug him. I haven't seen him in so long so I was just too excited. I jump into his arms holding him tightly. I feel his arms rub circles on my back as I continue to hug him. I pull away to peck him on the cheek and lips.

"How are you?" Zayn asks before kissing my forehead.

"I'm great just been doing a lot of cleaning around the house. What about you?"

"Great! Um I kinda have a surprise for you." He says nervously scratching the back of his head.

I give him a confused look and wait patiently for him to give or show me his surprise.

He takes off his jacket revealing him in a black tanktop showing all of his tattoos. Zayn turned to his right revealing a new tattoo of his; a girl, not just a girl. Me.

"Babe is that me?" I say walking closer to him.

I run my fingers on the tattoo to see if it is even real.

"Yeah a cartoon kind of character of you. I drew the design myself. I thought, I'm always away from you so why not have you on my arm." He laughs softly.

"Zayn..it's lovely, but don't you think this is a little bit too extreme? I'm not like saying it in a bad way but it's a tattoo. Permanent." I state.

"I know. Like our love, it's permanent. I love you so much Pez and I just really wanted to do it because you mean the world to me and why not. You know how much my tattoos mean to me."

I hug him again and try to process in my head that my boyfriend got a tattoo of me on his right arm. Which is one of the craziest things ever, yeah it's a little weird but it is such a nice compliment.

Once he told me that he drew the picture himself it made my heart melt because it really came from him.

I don't know what everybody is going to think about this even the media and the fans they are going to go crazy.

But what really matters is that at least that I love it and that it isn't literally my face it's just a character of me.

*End of Flashback*

It is finally time for the Teen Choice Awards. We walk over to our seats and wait for the show to start. One Direction is opening up the show which gets me really excited for the show to start.

The lights begin to dim and everyone in the room goes crazy.

"Give it up for your Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. One Direction!" The announcer says.

The intro of 'Best Song Ever' begins to play and streamers drop down on us. The boys finally came up onto the stage holding their mics with full energy ready to sing.

Harry starts off the song and then Zayn which makes me really proud. The girls and I dance and sing along with the rest of the people even the celebrities which made me really happy for the boys because they have accomplished so much.

Zayn does his cute high note at the end of the song making me laugh because he didn't finish it. They start to exit the stage and huge screen showed the celebrities that are here like us, Little Mix. The two host come out talking to the crowd giving us a rundown of how the show is going to be. They then announced that One Direction won all of the awards that they were nominated for which is beyond crazy!

They come back out onto the stage so they could accept their award from the hosts. We all stand up again cheering them on with the rest of the crowd. I didn't care if people thought I was weird I am proud of my boyfriend and his band.

After they announced the next awards which Pitch Perfect won, they turned to commercial.

I look over to see Zayn and Harry walking over to us. I didn't know why the rest of the guys weren't with them but Harry sits next to Ed Sheeran who is in front of us and Zayn sits next to me which was a surprise because I thought this seat was going to be for another celebrity. He sits down and pecks my cheek.

"So how was it?" I asked.

"It was good but for some reason our earpieces weren't working as well so it was kind of hard to hear ourselves and the music. Also most of us were really tired so I don't know if it seemed like we weren't that excited." Zayn explains while I fix something on his shirt.

He changed into a white tank with a denim kind of button up and then kept his red snapback on from what he wore when they performed.

A bunch of fans started to come over by us so they could get a picture with Zayn and Harry but the body guards wouldn't let them for safety reasons.

"So why isn't the rest of the guys out here." I asked.

"Earlier before the show they decided to just go back to the hotel and sleep after our performance because they were really tired earlier so yeah I wanted to stay here with you and Harry wanted to watch the rest of the show with Ed."

"Oh ok. You didn't have to stay here. You should get some rest you've worked to hard."

"Pez it's fine. I have awhile to get rest don't worry." He reassures.

After 2 hours of the show it finally came to an end. Harry twerked which was incredibly funny and the girls and I got to present an award to Miley Cyrus. She was really sweet even though we only got to talked to her for a little but still I felt a bit starstruck.

Zayn waits backstage for me so we could leave to go to the hotel right away.


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