Chapter 4

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Scarlet step up to me and said "can I see your school schedule?"

"yeah sure why not" so I gave her my school schedule

"No way are you in the Advance honor roll student in this school?"
Looking at me with a shock face on.

"yes am in the honor roll program why" looking at her like if she was crazy.

"Well i am in the advance honor roll program too and we have three classes together!" Looking at me with Joy in her face.

"No way what class we got together?" Looking at her as we exiting the Cafeteria.

"Well to start off we have math now with ms. William so get ready." Looking at me with a Smirk on her face.

"Ready for what?" I look at her as we got to the door of the classroom.

"Well you will find out soon enough"
As we open the door and enter the classroom.

"hey ms. Williams" Scarlett said while taking a seat.

So I found a seat next to Scarlet and took out my notebook.

"Hello everybody! my name is ms Williams and I am your math teacher for this school year. For those who knows me I don't need to say that much but for the new kids. Am going to say this one time and one time only. I can be the meanest teacher you will ever meet or I can be an average teacher either way you're going to learn. the easy way or the hard way that is up to you to decide."

Ms Williams look at me and said " hey you kid with the hat on. What is your name?

"My name is angel alicea." Looking at ms Williams.

"Are u supposed to be in my class?". Ms.Williams looks at me.

"yes I am suppose to go to this class."

So ms William took out my files and all of a sudden she looks at me and started to shake her head. You are in my class she said. But I can't understand who a Smart person can be so stupid at the same time. you got into two fight on your first day of school. Ridiculous.

I got mad and look at ms William and said "well don't be fooled by the way a book looks from the outside. You should take the time to read the book before judging it. That is a life lesson some people can't fully comprehend yet.

The whole classroom could not believe what I just said to ms. Williams and they all was on shock mode. Before ms Williams got to say something to me the Bell rain. So I got up and left the room.

Scarlett follow me to the next class and i could not believe what I am see.
and bush of geeks walking around to the next class. i stop an look at Scarlett and she looks at me back.

"So this is the advanced students program. nothing but rich kids here." i told Scarlett.

"yeah i know how you feel. people like us that comes from nowhere and feel lost in a place like this. it almost feel like we not belong here. Scarlett put her head down.

"well we do belong in this advance program. i work my as off to be here today". As i looking at Scarlett as she began raising her head up.

"well let's get going to our next class before we be late" Scarlett said to me. so we begin to walk to our next class.

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