Pasta Phase & Surprising Surprises

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(A/N Please know that Hayley's friends and I are ABSOLUTELY not against any bisexuality and stuff like that :) it's just to go with the story so please don't hate♥)

Hayley The Ninja's POV

"We shall never speak of this again," Ari said to me, her cheeks were now a lovely tomato red even after that scene which happened about ten minutes ago.

"Aw honey don't be mad that I know your secret," I smirked, "what secret?" Ari asked.

"Oh that I found out about your secret lady friend but don't you think she's a lil too old for ya?" I asked pinching two of my fingers at the word 'lil'.

"Hayley! Stop it!" Ariel said trying to ignore me whilst looking at a bag of pasta.

I kept quiet for a few seconds then started talking again.

"Hey Ari?" I asked her with a fake curious look on my face. She hesitated to answer me but she did anyways, "...yes?"

"Well I was do lesbos get like together together? Because you know like.....none of them have a penay-nay soooo like how does it work?-" "URGH!" She groaned annoyed at me, "woah gurl save those sounds for bed with your girl," I said with an 'mhm' like Brent Rivera (A/N I love dat boi!)

".......if you don't shut up about that encounter right now I'll... I'll...I'll hide her!"

"Yo-you wouldn't dare!" I said with a real gasp of shock.

"I would," she smirked knowing that I'll probably shut up now.

"Let's just go," I mumbled,

"Okay hold on a second I have to get pasta but...WHICH ONE THERE ARE SO MANY KINDS!?" She yelled in frustration.

I looked at the two boring green packets of pastas she was holding then looked at the shelves..."YOU IDIOT!" I said standing on top of the trolley to get the gigantic gorgeous blue packet of delicacy, "you pick the most boring looking pastas when there are pastas with fucking DINOSAURS SHAPED AS THE PASTA! AND NOT ONLY THAT BUT THEY ALSO HAVE DIFFERENT COLOURS ON THEM!"

"..." Ari looked at me with a bored face, "well then take it and let's go to another isle," she said looking at the other shelves for god knows what.

Since I can NEVER EVER EVER get over these kinds of pastas I just...well...I took my arm and pushed all 12 boxes into the trolley and sat down looking at her innocently as she turned around.

"Did you-" she stopped abruptly looking at me with a face I cannot describe.

"WHAT'S ALL OF THIS FO-" "I'll give you 80 quid if you make it for me" I said cutting her off.

"Done, now come on we gotta get some sweet stuff now don't we?"

My eyes lit up immediately faster than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's gun bullets in Mr. And Mrs. Smith.

"Hayley don't you dare tou-" her voice was already gone as I dashed to the section of the supermarket which I like to call HEAVEN.

As I was almost a few feet away from Heaven I stopped to catch my breath a little. Man I'm out of shape- wait...ROUND is a shape...

Anyways as I was saying I was just walking like a gangsta and all that you know how i do hunty! (A/N yup Latoya ref) When someone bumped into me with a lot of force might I add and that sent me falling to the ground with my brown hair flying everywhere like Medusa with brown snakes.

"Owww," I groaned seeing two of everything.

Ariel's POV

"Hayley don't you dare touch anything!" I scream but I know she only heard half of what I just said.

Great now I have to go make sure that she doesn't vandalise this place if they don't have every single type of ice cream know to mankind.

I push the trolley to the aisle with all the sugary stuff and see Hayley ahead of me.

Why do I feel like the adult?


I continue pushing the trolley and see that Hayley has stopped running to probably catch her breath or something when suddenly I see a guy bump into her!

He doesn't fall but Hayley falls to the ground on her elbow. SHIT!

I leave the trolley behind and rush to her side but the dude already beat me to it!

"Hey!" I yell to the guy who bumped into my bestie!

Protect my best friend mode: ACTIVATED.

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