Chapter 21

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Have you ever woken up with the biggest smile on your face cause everything in your life seemed perfect? Well that was me.
I woke up today with a big smile on my face because the girl of my dreams was snuggled up to me in my arms. There was nothing I wanted more in life right now.

Looking over at Taylor who was sound asleep in my arms, I seemed to find peace listening to her take in long breaths. At one point in time she did this slight snore scared her from her own sleep.
Adorable right?
She went back to sleep though and I just laid there with her in my arms, because there was nothing better that I could think to do then just hold her.


"Taylor." I shook her gently from her sleep. Her long brown hair covered most of her face, but I could still see the evil glare she was giving me with her icy blue eyes.
"Jessie it's too early." Protesting to wake up she wrapped up our blanket and rolled away from me. I smiled devilishly knowing I'd win this one. Straddling my legs on both sides of her I smothered her cheek with kisses until she attempted to push me off.
"Jessie!!" Her voice was high pitched whine, which caused me to giggle. Rolling over she looked at me defeated. Pecking her lips I smiled happily.

"What Jess?" She couldn't help but grin at me, I knew she could never stay mad for too long.
"Let's watch a movie."
"You woke me up, to watch a movie?" She eyed me hard upset that I woke her up for a movie, but I knew secretly she loved it.
Nodding my head quickly I gave her puppy dog eyes and pouted my lips until she sighed defeated, again.

Sitting up I stayed on her lap, her eyes widen and she looked away from me full of embarrassment.
Am I doing something wrong?
"What?" I asked shyly.
Her perfect blue eyes connected with mine, could she be anymore damn perfect? My hand snuck up to the side of her face, removing a strand invading her face. I never thought I'd ever find someone that means as much to me as she does. Caressing her cheek my lips softly touched her forehead. Moving my face down our noses pressed together.

I starred into her perfect blue eyes, the perfect blue eyes that could send me into a day dream. Looking into her perfect pools shed me of any insecurity that my mind possessed.
"Jessie?" Taylor's concerned voice pulled me from my own thoughts. I wanted nothing more then to kiss this girl right now.

My fingers found the nape of her neck. Pulling her face towards me, our lips collided quickly. Our lips molded together as the heat between us rose. Her arms snaked around my waist, pushing my body closer to her. Tangling my fingers in the strands of her hair I felt her teeth gently bite down on my body lip causing an unwilling moan to escape my lips.
"Jessie." Taylor pulled back from me breathlessly. Her blue eyes glistened with the morning sun seeping through the blinds.
"We should stop before I can't." Taylor's breathing was hard and fast, but was nothing compared to mine. I felt as if my heart was about to explode from my chest.
Just kissing does this to me!?

Removing myself from her lap I paced awkwardly before I broke the silence.
"What movie you wanna watch?"


Taylor's perfect body curled up against mine, my arm wrapped around her shoulder. We laid together in my bed watching A Walk to Remember.
"If I had cancer would you stay with me?" Her voice was curious and the question caused me to giggle.
"Would you marry me just to let me die happy?"
"Well I don't know about marriage." I giggled at my own response which earned me a playful push in my shoulder.
Turning her face towards me I kissed her lips softly.

"Well look at this!!" Jeremy stood in the doorway with Bailey next to his side.
"You two been romancing it up?" His eyebrows wiggled causing us to giggle.
"The only one getting laid in this room is the dude on T.V." I joked lightly which earned me a nudge in my ribs from Taylor's elbow.
Rolling his eyes at us, Jeremy shut the door and stalked off down the hallway.

Turning my head I pecked Taylor on her soft pink lips, returning to the position we were in before.

Returning back to the movie, I felt my eyes feel heavy, but I attempted to stay awake. Placing my hand in her, I intertwined our fingers. I couldn't help but admire her, her beautiful blue eyes, soft pink lips, perfect white smile. Everything about this girl drove me completely insane, yet she didn't even know. I don't exactly know how the movie went, I sorta didn't pay attention to it because of Taylor, I just know she started crying. So it had to be a sad ending.

I don't know how that movie ended, but in some way it feels well worth it.

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