The Woods

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Dusk had always been pretty to me.

The sun slowly disappearing, flashing colours in the sky as if saying, I'm not gone yet!

But now, dusk only brought worry, sadness, and the realization that I don't have a home right now. First I'm kicked out of school, now I'm forced, well I ran out, of my house.

"How can he be so cruel?" I whispered to myself, the sounds of the night slowly appearing around me.

I was currently standing about ten feet deep in the woods across from that shitty house across the dirt road. After Greg said those hurtful words, even though I knew they were true before he said them, I ran out of the mobile home and into the woods.

I had nowhere to go, so might as well stay here where nobody wanted to enter.

Fresh supplies, food, what else would I need. Oh right. A shelter. I though to myself bitterly.

I shivered, looking around as the darkness settled in and dusk left with a luggage case saying goodbye and good riddance. Even though it was still September, and usually here the temperature stays the same throughout the year, I felt as though the air dropped twenty degrees.

All around me, the sounds of the night amplified. Frogs croaking, owls hooting, bugs rustling, and the occasional yowl of a bobcat or the yap of a wolf. Oh shit, wolves. Why did I forget there was wolves?

I mentally shook myself. This was no time to be disturbed by this! I must, no I will make the best of this situation. I can start looking for a good shelt-

A loud howl sounded off, echoing through the trees, killing my thoughts with icy daggers.

I gulped, shivers running down my spine. I felt as if someone was watching me, burning holes into my body. Though, when I turned my head, I saw nothing of the sort.

No people. No animals. Nothing.

"H-how about we rest for tonight and start tomorrow?" I reasoned with myself, lowering my body to the ground riddled with leaves and plant growth. I shuddered as an unknown liquid soaks through my dress. Greeeeeat. Just great.

I looked around with my terrible sight, yet all around me was the same type of bedding. Sighing, I picked myself up again, turning my face upward. I could barely make out the trees, so climbing was out of the question.

A set of bright, red eyes opened on a limb, staring at me.


I jumped, the sound coming from the eyes. Crows. Only crows can make that terrible noise. "This place is home to crows. Fan freaking tastic." I muttered, feeling around on the ground moving forward.

The slight flutter of wings came from behind me, and I turned slightly to see the crow had followed me. It's not like I cared, but it was creepy. Just ignore it and it will go away.

Finally, my hands hit something dry, and soft. Going a bit further, I bonked my head on a tree trunk. Seems like this dry patch surrounded the entire tree.

How did it survive with the dry circle around it? Oh never mind, I'm exhausted. Let me sleep, whatever God that made my life horrible.

I laid dowm, my back against the tree as I listened closely to what was around me. It felt safe, so I finally succumbed to the irresistible thought of sleep.

3rd person POV w/ Crow

The watcher looked down at the girl as she crawled up to its tree and fell asleep. It had made its home there, in the untouched woods, but now this human was invading his territory.

It was an interesting creature indeed. Long navy blue almost back hair, with blue eyes that shone in the dark almost like the watchers own two red.

It sighed inwardly. Was it going to have to deal with this one as well?

It would be interesting to watch this human try to live out here. It thought to itself.

Letting out a sharp cry, the watcher crow swooped down off its perch and landed next to the human...woman.

Oh this will be interesting indeed. Welcome to The Woods, my lady.



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