The Next Day

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Savannahs pov: i went to school the next day with long sleeves and jeans and my black veil brides beanie and i had my hair covering the big bruise on my face. I did the same thing as I did yesterday morning. I wore my falling in reverse black long sleeve shirt,my arms were cut up,black skinny jeans and my converse.  i grabbed my bag and went out the door. i started my car and started to blast Rebel Love Song by Black Veil Brides. i drove to school and just thought about my life. I thought about Luke. i got to school and parked my car as usual and turned off my music.  I got out of the car and locked it and walked up to the stone building and put my headphones in and listened to my music. i walked to my locker and got my history book out and the bell rang. i went to my first period,history duh! i sat in the back as usual. and put my history book in my lap and went on my phone. and luke didnt come today i wonder why?

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