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The gravel crunched under my feet. The dirt road that seemed to be almost out of commission led me closer and closer to where I resided.

I wouldn't necessarily call it home, because home is where family is and blah blah blah.

I've heard enough.

I thought back on my actions earlier today on exiting the school...


I clenched my fist. How dare she say that about me?! I had just turned around because I wanted to see if I could use the back exit to avoid everyone, but as soon as I did I heard that rich woman spout out something that made my blood boil.

"I wouldn't have expected less from trash like her."

God! She barely even knew me and just like everyone else, she deemed me to be god damned trash.

At least I'm not as trashy as you. I see the make up.

I grit my teeth, turning back around to head out of the building. Hopefully, I could get out before-

Nope. My wishes were not to be, because the loud, shrill bell rang and the tons of high schoolers pooled out of the rooms to go to the next class.

Immediately, I heard whispers as the crowd gave me a wide space.

"Why isn't she in prison?" "Maybe she screwed the principal to get off the hook!" "She looks even worse and smells." "She knows we hate her, why is she just standing there?"

Fuming rage surged through me as I shot forward, eager to get out of that hell hole of a school. I burst through the front doors, racing across the school lawn as I made a run for it.

I could still hear those snickers, the snide remarks. Tears burned at the corners of my eyes, but I refused to let them fall.

No, I will not cry. I WILL NOT CRY OVER STUPID PEOPLE. Not now! Not ever!

I finally slowed down before walking at a leisurely pace to home.


I felt nothing as I thought of those jerks back at the school. I knew I was smarter than them, that's how I got in the school in the first place.

Perfect passing grade. Even got the bonuses right too. Good job. See where that got you? That annoying voice inside my head whispered.

Shut up! At least I got some education.

I looked around at this god forsaken place and sighed. It was pretty, in its own way. Since I live on the outskirts of town, I usually don't enjoy much when I'm at a shop, hiding out from dad. But, now seeing it, walking home from my ruined education, I saw it new.

This place was half ranches, half woods. I'm not joking! On the right side of the road, stretching as far as I could right now see, was The Woods. Those woods had a story going around town for centuries. Nobody wants to cut down. Fear of the demons they say.

Tch. What a bunch of wimps. I wasn't scared of no demons. They don't exist.

On the left side of the one dirt road that led out of town, was where all the ranches were.

There was the Milbury Ranch, the Tancho Ranch, the King Ranch, among others. The strange thing about it was that each ranch had a different sort of livestock that keeps it going. Like, the Milbury Ranch is known for its wool that they get from their hordes of sheep. The Tancho Ranch is known for its butter, milk, and cows meat. The King Ranch is know...well, you get the idea.

It's a diverse town for sure. And the underside of it was worse.

My thoughts dispersed when my shoe hit our mail post. I groaned. Can this day get any worse? I silently asked myself.

A loud crash came from our small mobile home. Yes, yes it can.

Timeskip~ brought to you by none other, lazy me.

"Stop throwing things!" I screamed at Greg. I wasn't even going to call him dad anymore. He didn't deserve it.

The old drunken lunatic threw another pan at me, and I ducked before it hit my face. The pan bounced off the wall, denting it. Great, another job.

Greg got another ammo, glaring at me from behind greasy bangs with bloodshot eyes.

Greg Burns was a man about the age of 32. Yeah, that's not very old but to me it is. He had greasy brown hair that came down to his shoulders in clumps. He stood about 6'0", and had no muscle. But damn, he could throw. Always reeking of beer and vomit, this man looked nothing like me, or smelt like me.

I took after my mother. Wavy, navy blue almost black hair that went to my mid back. Cerulean blue sharp eyes. Her figure too. 5'4" is a good height, don't judge.

I dodged another missile projection, a plate this time, and it shattered onto the floor.

"Yer a stupid gurl!" Greg slurred, growling at the end. "Nun of this would'v happen if you hadn't got here in the first place!"

I mentally shuttered at his language. When Greg was like this, he became an illiterate fool. I shouted at him, pointing a finger in his direction. "ITS YOUR FAULT FOR MAKING ME!"


I froze on the spot. Looking at this man who was in a complete rage after I told him about school, I couldn't believe he said that. Even if I had expected it, I hadn't expected it to hurt.

"Not even my parent wanted me. That's fine! I've been living on my fucking own for the past four years anyway!" I growled out at him. I didn't care anymore. No one gave me any respect, when I did nothing at all in the beginning.

I stormed through the door, shoving Greg into the broken glass of the plate as I exited that place I couldn't even have called home.


Oh dear, I hope I described this chapter enough...

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