New home

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"I don't want you to leave" Mason said into my ear with his breaking voice as I hugged him.

"I know, but remember what I promised you. I will call, and I will text" I reassured him.

He nodded his head before finally letting me go. I looked into his glassy eyes, which were now filled with sadness, unlike any other day, they would be filled with joy and happiness. I quickly pecked his cheek before getting off my knees and getting in the car. Well, I guess that's it then. I'm probably never going to see them again. Gosh, I'll miss everyone so much.

"Tell us about yourself" Louis said turning to face me. Well, actually my new dad, but I won't start callning him that, just yet.

"Ok, well. My name's Alexa. I'm 14. I love singing, dancing, gymnastics, horse-riding, playing the guitar and piano and also ice skating. My favourite colours are red and aqua blue, my favourite animals are koalas and dogs" I said.

"And what about that boy back at the orphanage, that didn't want to let you go? He your younger brother" Liam asked.

"That's Mason. He's LIKE my younger brother. I was the first person he actually talked to when he first came to the orphanage" I explained.

"I'm guessing you already miss him" Zayn said giving me an apologetic smile.

"Kindda, but I can still call, so it won't be that bad" I shrugged lightly.

The car came to a stop and we all filed out the car. I looked up at the beautiful mansion infront of me. It was white, and big (obviously). Looked very modern as well. Louis led me inside, and it was even mroe beautiful! When you walk in, it was a big space with a big staircase, then there's 2 corridors. To the kitchen, and the livingroom.

After Louis had finished giving me a tour round the house, he took me up to my room. It was big, and aqua blue. Yay, one of my favourite colours! It had a kingsize bed, a walk in closet, ensuite bathroom and a balcony. My room, deffinitely my favouirte room in the house.

"One more thing" Louis said holding his finger up. He walked towards my bedside drawer and took out a small black box out of it. He gave it to me with a wide smile. I looked up at him suspisiously before taking it out of his hand. I opened the box. OMG! It's an iPhone 5! I quickly hugged Louis with a wide smile.

"Thank you" I said.

"You're welcome" he smiled pulling away. He quickly showed me how to work the phone before saying;

"Better get unpacked. Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie should be over soon". With that, he left my room.

It didn't take me too long to get unpacked since I didn't have a big amount of stuff, but I didn't have a small amount of stuff either. I heard a knock on the front door downstairs echo through the house. I'm guessing the boys' girlfriends are here. I quickly threw a hoodie on over my black tank top before walking downstairs. As I walked downstairs, I heard chatter coming from the corridor leading to the livingroom.

"Where is she?" a soft voice asked.

"She's upstairs. She should be down soon" I heard Harry reply.

I walked through the door of the livnigroom and suddenly, all eyes were on me.

"Oh my gosh! She's so cute!" Eleanor squealed.

"Umm.. Thanks" I said with a chuckle.

"El, I think you might be making her uncomfortable" Dani laughed putting her hand on El's shoulder.

"Nah, it's fine" I shrugged.

"Anyway, Lex, these are Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie. And this is Alexa" Louis introduced us.

"So, Lex, how old are you?" Perrie asked.

"14." I smiled.

"Well, anyway, have about we take you shopping tomorrow?" Eleanor suggested.

"Sure, sounds good" I smiled.

"Good" she smiled.

"Well, it's getting late. it's time for bed missy" Louis said pointing a finger at me.

"I'm 14 not 4, plus it's only half ten" I whined.

"She's got a point Lou. How about we watch a movie?" Niall suggested.

"Yea!!" I agreed smiling widely.

"Fine" Louis groaned giving in.

"Yaaay!" me and Niall cheered at the same time.

"So who's picking the movie?" Zayn asked.

"Toy Story!" Liam exclaimed. I immediately covered me ears with my hands.

"You're going to burst my eardrum some day" I laughed.

"Sorry" Liam apologised.

"So, are we watching Toy Story?" Liam asked. We all nodded in agreement, which put a wide smile on Liam's face. Aww, like a child on Christmas. We all sat down on the couches as the movie started. Soon enough, I fell into a deep sleep.


So yeah, that was just another filler, but i guess it wasn't THAT bad, right? At least i hope it wasn't! Aha.

Anyways, Love you all my Little Carrots <3 :D



Favourite! xx

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