walking in the park of cherry blossoms

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lucys pov

i entered the guild the people greeted my i just waved and sat at the bar i didnt bring moon or the kids but i let gramps know bc i dont want them to know yet "moma!!" i snap my head twoards the doors to see star and razor "star! razor! what are you doing here" i said while hugging them "daddy showed us where u were cause we have a surprise for u~" i noticed but i was to busy listening to star and razor then min-chan walked up "lucy~ are these your like REAL kids" i just nodded "oh how kawiiii~!!" she said shouting then i saw moon walk in "moon! what the h did i tell u about bringing the kids here!" every turned tworads a hansome dark blue haired man and his hair spiked up (like natsu) and pale silver and yellow eye all the girls stared in awe and mira drooled i hit her mouth up he put his hand behind his neck "yea lu,sorry bout that they just wanted to show u somthin" . i guess its all right i sighed "fine just please wait out side" "k,lu" he went out i turned to min-chan "are you done gawking at my husband" they all turned there atention to me "HUSBAND" i just noded "well whered u think star and razor,my kids, came from" they just made the 0 face and i waved by....i walked out kissed him then we walked to where he wanted to show me..when we reached there it.was.beautiful. there was a HUGE cherry blossom tree and a little lake surronded it we reached the middle just as the sun set to its orangeis yellow sun with the sky pink purple and blue the wind slowly picked up and the cheery petals flew across the sky making my hair flow with it i sat next to moon slowly resting my head on his shoulder while he rested his head on mine and we stared at the beautiful scene before us "i love you lu" "i love you too..moon" soon the moon casted the silver glow apon us as we silently looked at the constelations up above us the sky looked like a galaxy i soon fell into a trance as the petals rained on us as the wind picked up the peatels went in a circular type motion circling around us ...i blushed a little...love is just like the trees huh....the wind picks u up for a ride and takes u every where...love my only emotion left...after moments of quietness he swiftly picked me up and made me dance wit him under the stars and moon...the water glowed a bright majestic color as my life spinned around and around my life took a turn i just feel love....am i ever going to feel.....happy?

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