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"I'm still upset that you got in trouble," Charlie said, as I leaned on the locker next to his.

        "Charlie, I said it was okay. Seriously, it is." When I returned from my escape, my father was waiting for me. To say I got yelled at was an understatement, I got grounded for a week as well.

        "Yeah, I know, but I just wish you hadn't."

        "You're sweet."

        "When do you get un-grounded?"

        "Tomorrow, why?" He closed his locker and we started walking to our first periods.

        "Well, there's this party and-"


        "You didn't even let me finish," He laughed, shoving me gently.

        "Sorry, but I know my dad's going to say no."

        "Just ask him, loser. You never know." I glared at him.

        "It's not that easy."

        "I'll ask him then."

        "No you won't."

        "We'll see about that." We reached my class and I gave him a side hug. Before I walked away, he pecked my cheek. I sat down at my desk and took out my pencil. I felt someone sit at the desk in front of me.

        "Are you dating Charlie Craig?" I looked up and saw a petite blonde girl with wide green eyes, staring at me intently. I studied her familiarity just as intently.

        "Um. No? I don't think so."

        "But I saw him kiss your cheek."

        "Yeah, he does that sometimes. We have a thing. I think."

        "Well, he might have mentioned me," she stuck her hand out to me. "I'm Rosie." My vision tunneled, as I shook her hand. I saw Rosie. She was screaming inaudibly as she crumbled to her knees. She appeared to be reaching out to me, but I just got farther.The vision ended with the sound of a gunshot.


        "Precognition and I know," she stated amused. I nodded and took my hand back. She turned around and her curly hair bounced as she did.

        When the bell rang, I gathered my stuff to go to my next class. Feeling a small hand on my forearm, I turned and saw Rosie standing next to me.

        "What class do you have next?"

        "Um, math. I'm pretty sure," I said double-checking my schedule.

        "Oh, I'm headed towards the Math Block. Wanna walk together?" I nodded and we walked out the classroom together. "You know something?"


        "Charlie really likes you."

        "Why do you say that?"

        "He doesn't talk much and he's really kept to himself. He hasn't even talked to me since third grade."

        "I don't know. I don't think it's anything. Where do I know you from?"

        "Oh, I was there the first day you got here," She stopped and walked backwards. "I'll see you later. Oh! Are you going to Peter Heins' party on Friday?"

        "Peter who?"

        "I'm sure Charlie told you about it. Bye!" She skipped away and I smiled as she did.

        Charlie and I walked our regular route home, just talking about the days events. He'd occasionally throw his arm over my shoulder and pull me closer to him. He told me more about his powers and they seemed quite enticing.

        "Mada?" He looked down at me in confusion and mild horror.

        "What's wrong?"

        "You're bleeding," He cupped my face with one hand and wiped blood from my nose with his thumb. "Are you okay?" I felt overcome by an incredible weakness and fatigue. My knees wobbled and I felt unsteady. "We've got to get you to your dad."

        I coughed up a clump of blood before I could speak, "He's at a town council meeting." He took my house key from me and picked me up bridal style. My eyelids grew heavy and I fought painfully to keep them open.

        I awoke in my room, laying in my bed. I rolled onto my back and removed the washcloth from my forehead. My bedside lamp was on and my blinds were shut. I peeked out of one and saw that it was completely dark. Charlie walked in with a water bottle and a small pill.

        "It's really common for that to happen to new people." He sat and the foot of my bed.

"Well, what the hell was it?"

        "Your dad and Sage put a forcefield over the town, to make it completely invisible to any normal human," he handed me the pill and water. "Take this."


        "Because right now you're slightly anemic. You've been passed out for three hours and you threw up 6 times." I took them from him and swallowed the pill. I tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear.

        "Did you put my hair in a ponytail?" I smiled at him and he nodded. "Cute."

        "Well, I couldn't hold you and your hair up at the same time," I patted the spot next to me on my bed and he gladly took it. He wrapped his arms around my middle and rested his chin on my shoulder. I closed my eyes and rested into his chest. He tilted his head up to my ear. "You're so beautiful, Mada Trillium."

        "Charlie," I said as I shifted away from him.

        "What's wrong?"

        "What is this?"

        "What is what?'

        "What are we? You treat me in such a way that I've never experienced. I talked to Rosie today. She said you don't even talk to people, but with me it's like.. like-" He grabbed my face and kissed me.

        "I've never felt this way about someone and I can't describe it. You're perfect." He smoothed my hair back and gazed into my eyes. "So beautiful."

        "Charlie.." He leaned in to kiss me again. "No. Tell me what this is."

        "You're my girl."

        I woke up to my alarm ringing quite annoyingly. I pulled my phone out from under my pillow and turned it off. I felt a warm presence radiating from behind me. Rolling over, I came nose to nose with Charlie.

        "What the hell are you doing here?" He laughed and pulled me close to him.

        "You fell asleep and I wanted to make sure you didn't throw up again." He leaned in and kissed my temple.

        "Get out of here, sap." I kissed his cheek and rolled out of bed. He got up and put his shoes on.

        "Why do I have to leave?"

        "Because I have to get ready and I don't want my dad to walk in and you're still here."

        "He came in last night." I snapped my head to him.

        "Liar," He shook his head 'no.' "Oh my god, Charlie!" I slapped his arm.

        "He didn't mind! Honestly!" I put my head in my hands and I felt his hand on my back.

        "I'll see you at school." I felt him move off the bed and heard his footsteps become more distant. "By the way, I'll pick you up at 8:30. Your dad said yes." I felt myself smile as he closed the front door.

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