Beau's POV:

I met a girl who goes to my College. She's called Lola McFall. I definitely would remember her, if I bumped into her before. She's really nice to talk to.

And really beautiful.
Shut up Beau, you have a girlfriend, Lacey.

She's beautiful, but I dont fancy her, God!

I dont think Lacey likes her though. I wonder why?

Lola's POV:

It was Saturday. I woke up to Charlie's house. I instantly know when its Charlie's house.

I still can't get Beau and Lacey out of my head. I should be his girl.

It was just the humiliation though. I mean, one minute I'm falling over him (LITERALLY), the next minute, he tells me, in my face, that he is in a relationship with a selfish, user.

“Morning chick, you okay now?” Charlie said to me.

“Morning too. I'm fine. But I just can't stop thinking about it!” I replied, yawning.

“You'll be fine. You have me and Dante. Lacey doesn't matter.” she said, on my side.

Charlie's POV:

I feel so bad for Lola. She is completely shaken up by Beau and Lacey being together. She hasn't slept. She hasn't eaten.

I've tried everything to cheer her up. But nothing is working, Nothing. I'm not giving up though. I'm going to get Lola, back on track, if its the last thing I do.

Lacey's POV:

I saw the way Beau looked at that girl, Lola. She's probably just extremely jealous, that I have a hot boyfriend. And she's just embarrassing herself in front of him. What a weirdo.

Wait, why would Beau look at her like that. It was like, it was love at first sight. He looked as if he wanted to be with her.

Something isn't right. Beau is mine. He's not a pizza. Everyone can just have a slice of him. He's all mine and I hope it stays that way.

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