The Life We Live

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Luis POV
Damn. I hit my head hard asf on that window. My world looked upside down. That's cause the car was upside down. Aw hell nahh. I gotta get her out. I grabbed a pocket knife from inside the glove compartment and cut my belt off. I landed on my shoulder. I slid out and limp around to her side.
"Hey ! Can you hear me Audrianne ?" No response. I gotta get her out of here. I start to smell gasoline. "No! Let's go!"
I cut the belt and she lands on her neck. I know if she was awake she would kick my ass for that but I gotta save her. I grab her and try to pull her out but something is caught. I then see sparks from over near a pole. Shit! I cut off her shirt because that's what was caught and drag her from under the car. As I pick her up over my shoulder and began to walk away the car explodes. I drop her from the impact of the explosion and I hear a CRACK! Her body then begins spasming. She's having a seizure.
"Shit. I'm so sorry. Stay alive. Please I'm so sorry. You're okay. You can make it. I need you to be okay." I lay her head in my lap and wait for the seizure to be over . It takes forever . Silently I let a few tears fall. I want her to be okay. So I can tell her how much I love her. The seizure finally stops.
"Migo!" I heard a unknown voice say.
"Who you?" I ask
He does a chuckle. "I waited a long time for this." He responds
POP!POP!POP! And I'm out like a light too

((Audrianne ))
I heard everything but I couldn't move. It was so much pain everywhere. There also was blood everywhere. I think my stitches bust. I am so in love with Migo . He's gonna tell me how much he loves me when I'm able to wake up. Then I hear three loud noises. Gun shots. Oh my God Luis ! Why bad things always happening to me and the ones I love ? Do I deserve this ? Maybe that's what I get for being so mean to everyone . I regret it. Migo didn't deserve that. Then I feel rough hands all over my body. The hell?
"What's the condition of both people ? " it's the EMTs .
"Male , is in critical condition . Three gunshots to the stomach, leg and arm. Most critical wound was the one to the leg . I think it just barely clipped the artery."
I start to wail. I wonder if it's audible . But to be honest I don't care .
"Calm down sweetie. It's gonna be okay . We're gonna take you and your friend to the hospital . You're gonna be okay." A female paramedic tries to soothe me. I now can see so I try to get to him. My leg feels like it is being put through a grinder . But I have to get to Luis.
"Ma'am you're gonna have to stay still. You have broken bones." She says to me. Her name is Janet
"Let me go. I gotta get to him" I say . I try to get up but about three paramedics grab me and restrain me. I began to scream as if they are lighting me on fire. I would prefer that than to see the love of my life die. They take out a syringe and put a liquid in there. It makes me panic because I don't like needles and I start screaming louder. I know I'm causing a scene but I don't even care right now. They stick me in my arm.
I start fighting as I feel it go into my arm. A few seconds later I'm still awake, Aha! You can't put me too sleep. I start screaming again. I spoke too soon , my muscles relax. No! I have to see of Luis is okay first !
But then my screams start to slur and it's even harder for me to move.
"I just wanna see him" I whisper. Please." Tears start to slide
"Shhh. You're okay. We got you and him. We're trying to help him." Janet says stroking my hair. I feel a little stress get washed away by relief. And I fall unconscious.
.... ............ ............ .............

I wake up once again in the hospital . What is today ? Monday? Aw shit I'm supposed to be at work today. I hope I don't get fired. Luis ! I try to get up. Searing pain goes from my legs up to my scalp. I began to grunt from pain. I'm going to go see him. Pain or not. As I try to lift up the pain begins to come unbearable . My heart monitor beeps loudly from what I'm feeling, causing a nurse to run in . It was a beautiful black woman. Looked like she could've been from the Bahamas . Her eyes were a hazel gray color and she had her hair cut very short. But it was cut in a wavy style against her head. "Sorry ma. You got to stay still." She said in a strained proper accent but you could decipher her home land coming through her voice . She was from the Caribbean .
"I can't. I got to go see my dude" I whisper because breathing too hard hurts.
"No . Moving to fast could burst your stitches and you could bleed to death. She responds trying to get me to calm down.
"Then I want to die if he's not okay" I said looking her dead in her eyes. Something I don't usually do. They were beautiful.
"Who you talking about girl" she says and now I clearly hear her strong accent.
"Luis. I'm pretty sure they brought him in with me " I say .
"He's in recovery unconscious from bullet wounds to his body. Doctors don't know if he gone make it girl" she tells me.
My heart stops for a second. No. Not again. This always happens to me.
"Nooo. That's not true" tears threaten to fall. " I'll go see for myself" I say trying to get up
"That's not something you want to do. He's not in good condition " she says. Still try to get up as she pushes me back down on the stiff mattress. I try agin and she holds me down. I burst out in tears
"I have to see him. Let me go!" I scream at her
"Doctor! Doctor come in here" she yells. About a minute later later a doctor runs in. A tall slender white man with hair so blonde it kind of looked white. He had aquatic blue eyes.
"What's wrong? Is she okay?" He says looking me over.
"She won't calm down" she could burst the stitches on her scalp." She say. No wonder my scalp was hurting
"Alright . Let's sedate her. Maybe the next time she wakes up she'll be okay." He responds to me.
"No! I have to see him! Let me go! I can't! Please just let me see him for a few minutes ! " I scream at the top of my lungs
"I need 45 mg of Midazolam. Stat!" He told the nurse as she ran out of the room. Two male nurses run in at that moment. One looks to be about 5'11 the other maybe 6'1 . One was black and the other was Hispanic. They both were very attractive. But forget that. They come over and one grabs my legs and the other one holds down my top half. It made me uncomfortable that they both had me like this.
"Well good news the incision was made on the side of your head so we didn't have to shave your whole head." I guess the doctor said that to make me feel better.
"I just want to make sure he's okay. Please just let me go see him. I'll come back and be good I just have to make sure he's okay" I plead. At that moment the nurse runs back in with a syringe and a small bottle . I just cry silently at this point.
"Wait! I have one question " I say as they are readying the medicine in the syringe
"Yes", the doctor says
"What day and time is it?" I say looking around the room. My gown has kind of risen up and I find it very uncomfortable that they are looking at me like this.
"It is Tuesday 12:45" the doctor said, " why such a weird question " he looked puzzled
"I just want to know when I wake up how long I was out" I said . The doctor cracked a small sympathetic smile my way. The male doctors then tighten their grip as the doctor grabs the needle from the nurse. I just look away and say a silent prayer. He sticks me in my arm. They still hold me for a few seconds waiting for the medicine to kick in. I take a good look at the male nurses . The black one has very strong features. Small eyes . A slightly wide nose. And big full lips. Then the Hispanic one. Deep set eyes that make it look like a shadow under his eyes . He had a small nose and medium sized lips. Something about him was familiar. But what was it. I narrowed my eyes. And he mouthed a Im sorry . When I seen his white teeth I new exactly who he was . Luis's cousin Chicago. I started to fall asleep and I cracked a small smile as a hi . He did the same . I felt it going dark. They let me go knowing I couldn't move from the medicine .
"Such a beautiful girl. What a shame" the doctor said. "You must know her" he said to Chicago
"Yeah. I've known her from a family get together for a few years now. She's a great person but also very stubborn." I heard him say. I didn't hear anything after that.
......... ............ ............... .............

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