The protectors of earth

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I held Elsa's hand as the scene around us changed. The Guardians disappeared and the base turned into a familiar white and black landscape. I felt Elsa's hand tighten around mine as she whispered, "limbo."

I looked at her and pulled her close, "we will beat him this time." I promised.

It was then that I heard the mocking laughter of my father from the shadows. I knew he wouldn't play fair, so I had to play sneaky. I was doing a plan in my head when a shot of black sand was about to hit me. Luckily, somebody pushed me out the way.

"Thanks snowflake." I told her.

She smiled at me when her smile turned to shock. My father was standing behind me ready to take another shot when Elsa hit him instead.

He groaned and me taking advantage, shot ice into his heart. He stumbled back and our surroundings turned back to normal.

With my father still on the floor, my mother appeared holding his head shortly followed by Punzie and the rebels.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!" Screamed my mother as she saw my father starting to ice over.

I put my eyes to the floor and felt Elsa pat my back.

"We have to do it now. It's the only way to stop them forever." Elsa told me.

I nodded my head and we began to make a portal with our ice powers. This portal would take the darkness my father brought to the world back to him and force him and his followers to where they belong. Hell.

The portal was done and began to drag them into their world. A tear ran down my cheek as I watched my ex friends, mother and father being forced away.

In a matter of minutes, the portal was closed, with my father in it.

I looked at Elsa and grabbed her hand ready for our life together to finally begin.

                       10 years later

Hiccup and Merida married and have a daughter with Mer's red curly hair and Hic's nerdyness.

Eugene asked to be sent to Hell to stay with Punzie.

The Guardians watch over the countries bringing hope, joy, happiness and light around the world.

And me.....

I look upon the world on the highest mountain in the world. I stand with my wife Elsa and our five year old twins, Ella and Jake. Ella has the power of flight like me but her emotions control her powers. She has her mother's eyes and my colour hair. And she is happy. Jake is like a little me, but with his mother's hair colour. And he is happy.

I am with my family. Elsa is happy and I am happy. We age, but can live forever protecting the people.

Hello, my name is Jack Frost. This is my story. The story of the war, the battles, the heart break and the secrets, but it is also the story of how I loved, my friends, how darkness was conquered and how I made a family. Hello, my name is Jack Frost and throughout all of this, my story has just begun. Because me and my family, we are the protectors of earth.

A/N Hi guys, I am so sorry, but this is the last chapter of the guardian's tale. I have loved writing this book and I hope you have enjoyed reading it. But it has come to an end. There will be no book after this, but I have made two different books both jelsa. Stolen love and I am making a new book called hunted. Please check out the book. It is still jelsa. I really hope you enjoy them and thank you all for reading this book. It really means a lot. Thank you for 25 followers and I really hope you liked this book. I am sorry to see it end. Thank you.


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