Night Class

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Chapter 6: Night Class

"Come on Zero or else will be late!" Ichiru said
"I'm coming , I'm coming" Zero grummbled

They headed out the door to find Yuki.

"Are you ready?" Yuki asked in a quiet voice.

"Yes, we also have out wepons. Zero has the Bloody Rose gun that once belonged to dad and I have a katana sword from Shuzuka." Ichiru replied

Yuki nodded her head at them. They started to walk to the gates. When the girls and boys saw Yuki the got into a fashioned order.

"Did you really need out help?" Ichiru asked

Yuki just nodded, yes.

"Why are you in day class any way Yuki? Mother and Father alowed you to be in the night class." Ichiru stated finally noticing that she was in a day class uniform.

Then the gates openned as the girls began to scream."Idol!", "Wild-san!", "Ruka-san!" The night class names were being called out.

Then the Kiryu twins snapped to the sound of someone calling out the name Kaname and Mai.

"Now I get it." They said together

Yuki began to giggle. Everyone looked over at her because she rarely laughed.

"What's so funny?" Zero asked

"You said that together at the same time!" Yuki exclaimed

"So?" They said together

"I remeber the last time you did some thing at the same time it got you in deep trouble!" She laughed again.

"Oh? And when was this little sister?" Ichiru questioned

"Well remember the time you walked into Father Office will he was doing something important. Then he spilt his drink all over his work. You guys almost ended up in the basement that night." Yuki said

"Oh, yes. I remember that. What ever would we do without you?" He asked

"Well, I for one would be much happier." Zero stated

"No! You wouldn't! You can't stay away from all of this." Yuki said

She faked shock, gestured to her body then hugged him.

When she let go of him and backed up she crashed into someone and almost fell. Then she felt strong arms wrap around her waist. He body was in to much shock to move after she saw who it was.


Out of all the people to catch her it had to be him!
She didn't have much time to be there because her body was soon ripped away harshly. Then she felt the warm embrace of more familiar arms.

"Keep you hands of her you filthy blood sucker!" Zero exclaimed
"How scary Mr. Disciplinary member." Kaname said with his voice laced in sarcasm that only a vampire could hear.

" Come on Kaname or we'll be late for class" Mai came along a wined
'Like the brat she is' Yuki silently added to her self

"Yes Mai Mai" Kaname said following her.

Zero wiped around after they left and started yelling at the student to go to their respective dorms.

"How do you stand it here?" Ichiru asked

"I don't know. I think I just more or less survive." Yuki said
"Well we might as well go now for we have to monitor them."

"Yes Yuki." The both grumbled following her into the nights darkness.

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