Shopping Day

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Jenns POV
I pretty much crawled out of bed in the morning to pick up my phone. It was Amy calling. Man can't a girl get a Saturday morning of sleep. Its only 10 in the morning. How dare that evil little girl wake me up at this time on a Saturday!!

After mentally cussing out my best friend I picked up the phone.

"Hey girl!! Are you ready to go the the mall?! I saw the perfect pair of boots at one of the stores. Man Jenn you have to come pleeeeeeease!"


"Yes you are comming. I will freakin drag you out of that bed and into the mall if your in your pjs or not! And that's final!!"

"Ugh fine... give me 30 minutes"

"Yay we are gonna have so much fun!"

"Yeah yeah"

"Ok sleep I'll be there in 10"

"Wait I said-" with that she cut me off. I was going to say 30, but she was already gone.

I got out of bed with a sigh. I went and took a shower in universal time. Only 5 minutes. I blow dried my hair and straightened it. I went to my closet and picked out a coral V neck shirt, some Jean shorts, some white shoes, and my purse.

I heard a knock on the door it was probably Ames.

I opened the door and there was Amy standing there texting. I'm not even sure she she knew I opened the door.

She looked up "ready to go yet?"

"Um yeah I've been waiting here for 5 minutes"

"Oh" with that we hopped into her car and drove off.


So after 10 different shops we FINALY got to eat in the food court. I ordered a cheese pizza for Amy and I. We ate it in less than 10 minutes. It's amazing what hungry teenage girls are capable of.

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