Agent Alexander Donovan

I slammed on the brakes, hardly able to believe what I was seeing. My hands were frozen in a tight, white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel. Annoyed honks from cars behind me were muffled by the windows of my car. Zak stopped suddenly, only four or five yards in front of my car, and slowly turned his head to look at me. Upon recognition, a smile, almost demonic, spread across his face. I knew I should jump out of the car and arrest him immediately, but it was almost as if I was frozen in place.

Zak extended one hand towards my car and squeezed his fist shut. A terrible crushing sound resonated throughout the car, adding to my headache. It sounded almost as if the engine had caved in on itself. The blood-covered criminal looked around himself slowly, like he was looking for a weapon or something he could use.

Down the road a ways, I saw cars slowing down, some even stopping to watch what was going on. If only I could warn them that staying within range of this maniac was definitely the worse thing they could have done at the moment. Zak saw the stopped cars and his eerie grin grew even more. My stomach dropped as I guessed what he was thinking.

Slowly, Zak reached his right hand towards one on the stopped cars. It began to shake slightly, like a small vibration. Behind the wheel, a very confused young man tried turning the wheel, but the car would no longer obey it's own controls. Zak looked back at me out of the corner of his eyes and, out of the blue, pitched his right hand towards me.

The next thing I knew, the car he had controlled was coming hurtling towards me at one hundred miles per hour.

* * *

The annoying ringing in my ears and overall numbness of my entire body were the first things I noticed when I managed to open my eyes. I could barely see due to my blurry vision, and, to my horror, I couldn't feel my legs or arms.

The second thing I noticed, however, was much worse. All around me, smoldering cars and shrapnel littered the streets, almost all of which on fire. The mortified screams and weeping were even louder than the approaching sirens. Suddenly, there was movement above me. I struggle to tilt my head to see, and was immediately sorry that I had.

Zak crouched down over me and smiled. This was my first real look at him since the hospital when we had first spoken, back when I thought he was just some guy grieving the loss of his girlfriend and nephew. Now that I knew he had kidnapped the girl and killed Anthony, my pity had gone down to zero.

Blood pooled in his mouth, ran down his nose, and lined his eyes, but he didn't seem to notice. The blood in his mouth stained his teeth a light pink. His eyes were wide and showed a not-so-vague hint of madness. He reached out and put a hand on my chin, examining me. I tried to pull away but didn't have the strength to. When he was done, he chuckled and patted my cheek.

"Looks like I've got you good, Detective." He told me, blood dribbling down his chin from his mouth and nose. The sirens coming from the distance grew louder, warning Zak that his time with me was short if he wanted to escape. He laughed again, but was interrupted by a cough that sent more droplets of blood splattering from his mouth.

"You won't get away with this, Jameson. As soon as I'm able to get up I am going after you. I know what you've done..." I struggled to say. Zak shook his head slowly and clicked his tongue.

"Good luck. However, Alex, it looks like I've gotten you out of commission for quite some time. Hurry up and recover, though. I like this little game of ours. You, chasing me around while I easily avoid capture. It'" He taunted. I tried speaking again, but was rapidly losing consciousness. Zak stood. "See you soon, Detective."

* * *

At first, all I could hear were warped voices.

"I think he's waking up!"

"Get a doctor in here!"

"Hang in there, Alex"

My eyelids felt as if they were glued shut, and my numb limbs were heavier than lead. Behind my eyes, I could feel the beginning of a migraine.

Just what I needed.

I inhaled deeply until a sharp pain in my chest cut it short, making me gasp. There was more commotion in the room as whoever was there confirmed that I was indeed conscious.

I felt a light hand on my forehead and knew even before she spoke that it was Samantha.

"Alex, honey? Are you awake?" Came her voice, sweeter than honey. I tried to speak, but could only manage to create a dull croak. Sam's hand left my forehead and she took my right hand in both of her's.

Gradually, the voices became easier and clearer to distinguish, but not by much. There were several I did not recognize. I heard a door open an footsteps coming towards me.

"Mr. Donovan? I'm Dr. Ivan Danner. Can you tell me anything about how you feel? Do you have any feeling in your limbs or neck? You've sustained quite substantial injuries." One kind male voice said.

I opened my mouth a bit to try and answer but found my lips and throat dry, almost completely useless. The thirst I felt then was almost unbearable.

"Wa...ter." I managed to say. My voice was raspy and scratchy.

"He needs water!" Samantha said. Danner sighed.

"Yes, I will see he gets some. Now, Alex, tell me. Can you feel your limbs at all? Anything below your neck."

I shook my head, afraid of what that may mean for me. I heard the scratching of a pen on a clipboard. Danner taking notes about my condition.

I felt Danner touch my eyelids, removing something. Tape?

"Try openin' your eyes."

It took almost a full minute, but I was finally able to crack my eyelids open a little bit. The incoming sunlight from a nearby window immediately blinded me. Samantha rushed over and closed the shades, so I was able to open my eyes and look around.

As expected, I was laying in a large, flat bed in a hospital room. Around the bed was Samantha, Kolver, Trevor, and Dr. Danner.

Danner was a young man, maybe in his early thirties. He was completely bald and had a thin brown beard, neatly trimmed short.

A nurse entered the room with a pitcher of water and several papers cups, one of which had a straw. She filled that one and handed it to Danner.

"Now, take small sips and swallow carefully. We still are not sure of the full extent of your injuries because you haven't been awake." He instructed, placing the straw in my mouth.

If heaven was a drink, it would be that water.

The cold water rushed into my mouth, hydrating it and immediately making me feel a bit better. That is, until I swallowed.

The water was just going down my throat when I felt a stabbing pain and choked, spitting the water back up. When I breathed again, some water flowed into my lungs, causing my to cough painfully. Each consecutive cough hurt more than the last, making me almost black out. Danner turned my head very slightly to the side, let in the ejected water spill into the sheets. Samantha squeezed my hand tighter, clearly worried.

"I was afraid that may happen. I will need to run some more tests. Clearly there is more to your injuries than I originally thought." Danner said. I groaned, my throat and lungs now sore.

"Doctor, would you mind giving us a minute alone?" Samantha asked, looking up at him. Danner looked from her to me, then nodded.

"Of course."

The nurse, Danner, and Kolver, leading Trevor by the hand, left the room quietly. When they were gone, I looked and Samantha and tried to smile. She smiled back.

"How're you feeling?" She asked.

"Ok." I grunted. "Y..ou?"

Samantha sighed. "Better now that you're awake. Trevor's missed you so much. So have I."

My brow furrowed. Missed me?

" you...mean?" I managed to ask.

Samantha ran her fingers through my thick black hair, now drenched in sweat and matted.

"Alex, you were unconscious for almost three months."

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