Luke And Kenley

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Kenley (My best friend) comes running and screams "It's our day! We all hang out!" Luke comes running and picks up Kenley and give her little kisses on the forehead. He says "Babe, I wanted to tell them silly!" She laughs and said "Well I wanted to them them Luke" then she blushed. They are really cute together. Ashton said "Well then, let's all get ready." I said "I already am!" Everyone laughs. I said "Ooo I'm gonna go and wake up Calum and Michael! I run to Calum's room and scream "Get ready! Today we all hang out!" Calum says "Okay God lily I'm up!" I laugh then run to Michael's room, I scream "Get your big fat butt up Michael!" He moans and says "Noooo." I jump on him and he choked and said "Okay! I'm getting up!" I laugh and get off of him and tell him that we are going out. I walk into Kenley's and Luke's room, Luke is saying to Kenley "Kenny..I love your smile, your laugh, your cute adorable faces, the way you don't let anyone boss you around, I've spent all my time looking for the perfect girl, but in all the wrong places, I realized your not the perfect girl, no one is the perfect, but I do know that you are perfect for me. Kenley starts blushing when he kissed her on the cheek and said "I love you" Kenley replies with "I love you too Lukey" I say "awwwww!!! You two are so cute!!" We all laugh and Kenley says "Well I'm getting in the shower." Luke says "I'll take the one if the guest room!"

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