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As I can see Craig Mabbitt is staring at me, but it's more like he is checking me out. I got a little freaked out so I just kept doing what I was doing. Right when I did not expected this, Craig Mabbitt came over to me and said my hair was gorgeous, so I got all defensive and said, " don't complement me, because unfortunately I don't like you", he then said I just like your hair and walked away. I felt really bad about what I said because he walked off all sad and mad sorta. so I really wanted to apologize to him so I wrote him a note but I was not going to give it to him I was going to give it to max, the note said, " sorry about earlier for getting all defensive but I really don't like you because I know what you did to my brother". when I was finish with the stand I went to go find max I found him at the food place, I gave him the note and said, "hey max can you maybe give this to Craig " , he then got all worried and said, "you know you are not suppose to talk to them",and I said , "I know but I was really mean to him when he complemented me and then I felt bad so can you give this to him please", he said that he would give it to him when he saw him and then I said thanks. I was walking to my bus when I saw Kellin Quin from SWS , and of course I went all fangirl, he was really nice though, he asked for my number ,oh and did I mention he was flirting with me the whole time I gave him my number and walked back to the bus. when I got to the bus Ronnie was in the fucking bathroom, so I pounded on the door and screamed ,"hurry the fuck up you girl", he then screamed, "fuck off", so then I got a water bottle and dumped it all over Ronnie's bunk, when he finally got out i went to the bathroom did my usual thing and put a pair of pink sweats and then a black tank top that stops right before my belly button and then since it was cold I but a black cardigan on and then I went straight to my bunk and went to sleep.

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