For Halloween we decided to party instead off having another chill Friday night. The theme for this party was 90s and Promise was serious her rules. Were no one could be on their phones. And that she was going to play a mix of 90s and today party songs. Only 90s wear or you couldn't get in. But hey it is a 90s party it gotta fit its theme.

She asked Ray, Kayla the others and I to invite people. Cause she was having it at her brothers house in Maryland while he was out for the weekend. So we did also helping her decorate.

Getting ready in her brothers home. I wore a crop tee and one size bigger mens green plaid shirt and high waisted blue jeans. With some small circle sun glasses. Converse, cranberry color lip stick and my faux dreads pushed back.

The party started around a late 7 as friends brought friends making the rooms fill. I guess Promise was known for parties around here too. Everyone wore 90s attire. As she played music from artist like a tribe called quest, B.I.G, Run DMC, public enemy. In the beginning we rap along, and shouted to the lines that was lit. Having fun.

When people slowly came in. The music changed to Snoop Dogg as we sang along to Gin and Juice. As me and Ray mostly danced and stayed near each other. Bumping here and there.

As music played Tupac party songs, Lil Kim,2 live crew, Luther, and many other songs. Slowing it a bit down with En Vogue, Aaliyah, and R Kelly. A bit of reggae then changing it to today's party songs. Her party went from chill to stupid fun. I danced with Kayla, Promise and Cassie when Ray got a little tired or went to get a drink.

But all around her party was fun. As people left. Kayla,Promise,Cassie, Ej, Roc, Prod,Princeton Ray and I. Sat around in the living room helping her clean. Then chilling on the couch after we was done.

"That was a night" Cassie said

"Shit we can have a hell of a night at my parties." Ej bragged

" Where?" Promise questioned

"We got the beach or the woods." Ej said

"I guess but who going g to the beach in October plus that's a long drive sir." Promise said

"We should to Schoolboy q concert together. Only if y'all want." Ray insisted

"A concert full of druggys, pot heads and hoes. You have a girlfriend." Roc pointed out

"I know and Yn coming to. Why would I go to concert and not invite my baby" Ray said warping his arm around me.

" When is it?" Kayla asked

"In two weeks." Ray answered

"A concert on a weekday." I said

"Turning it up... On a week day" Prod sang

" Aye." Cassie laughed.

This was a good night.

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