The Piano Player

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"O.k, I got a few people who might join. What we need is a piano player,  another guitar,  and mostly a drummer," I explained. Himeno looked at me.

             "So.. " Himeno sid. "Which one should we convince to join first? " Himeno asked. "I used to play piano, so I wanna see the piano player first, her name is Misaki " I suggested. Himeno shrugged.  "Ok, "

                     ~3 hours later~

*Knock Knock! * I knocked on the door. I notice I heard a piono playing and then it stopped. A girl with blue eyes, blue hair,  and black clothing answered the door.


            "Who are you? " She asked. "I am Kasumi, and this is Himeno," I explained. The girl examined Himento, sort of judging like.  "HIMENO?" She echoed. "Well, that sure matches her," she stated. As usual, Himeno was dressed in pink.


         "Yep,  that is me!" Himeno clarified in a squeky happy voice. The girl rolled her eyes. "Come in, " She welcomed.

      We walked in and saw pink walls,  some covered in posters that said,  '5sos'. But the girl is dressed in black....  "It is hard to tell if she is goth or not," I whispered to Himeno.  She nodded in agreement.

"I am Misaki, why are you here?" Misaki questioned. "We need a piano player," I explained. "And..." Misaki asked. "We were wondering if you can join our band, " I finished.

"I woukd love to.... " Misaki started. Then Himeno and I high fived. "But I am looking foward to joining another bamd,  the whole reason why I want to play piano." Misaki finished.

She then put her hand on a poster on the wall with a Blonde headed boy with a lip piercing. The signature on the poster said, "5 Seconds of Summer

               Luke Hemmings"

Himeno hung her head down. I stood silent for a moment. I loooed at the poster. I know a little about that band...  "Well,  Luke Hemmings usually only likes POPULAR girls,  but he doesn't even know you exist, but if he noticed our band and meets you in the music awards.. " I explained. 

Misaki,  stopped rubbing the poster and loooked at us. "I am in! " She exclaimed.


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