Bad to Rock Bottom

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*Brady's POV*
Tears stung in my eyes as I flew further and faster away from the spot I left Arron. I circled the kingdom saying my last goodbyes. I made sure to stay out of sight of anyone who lived there. The kingdom was surrounded by forest, on the opposite end of the kingdom was the ocean, not like the beach me and Arron swam at, but there was a huge drop off into the ocean.

The waves were rough and high today, it seemed like without Arron the world was dark and grey. I finally meet someone who understands me and it's ruined because of what someone did to me. Before I left him I said how I knew what it felt like to not know why things were done to you or happened to you. It hurt more than anything, you'd never know what you did to deserve that punishment. Arron probably knew exactly what I was talking about with his mom.

I looked out at the sea, it had only been a few hours since I left Arron and everything seemed to shift in a bad direction. Out of no where I started to feel weak, something was happening. I quickly got closer to the ground, but stumbled on impact. When I landed it wasn't just weakness anymore it was pain, my mind raced to try and understand what was happening.

Minutes felt like hours, my skin burned, it felt like thousands of knives cutting me open and tearing me apart. For the first time since I was changed I started to sweat. Then I felt myself getting smaller, but I couldn't think. I was sure my brain would explode. Everything went dark as I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping it would end.

A hand went through my hair as my eyes shot open, they glowed as they changed. My head snapped back causing me to fall. Everything was spinning, I knew I couldn't sit up just yet. When everything seemed to slow down I thought of the hand that went through my hair. My hair? I sat up, already recovering from the pain with shock kicking in. Or at least I thought it was shock.

When I looked around I noticed I was a lot smaller. My eyes traveled down, I saw hands, my hands! Instinctively they went to my face, I had a human face! And my hair! My mouth dropped open, I was me again! I tried to stand, but instantly fell, I was not use to walking like a human anymore. I stood up again this time leaning on a tree. I was smiling like an idiot.

I had on what looked like torn up old rags that were filthy, but I didn't care. I crawled over to a puddle and saw the face that I thought disappeared off this earth a long time ago. I had messy black hair that went this way and that, with blue eyes, one was still a dragon eye. My skin was clear with scars from when I was a dragon. I couldn't help but laugh in excitement.
"I'm back!!" I screamed. "I'm really back!!"

After awhile of me being in shock of what happened, I thought, what happened? Who did this? This had to have came at a price. Then it hit me... Arron.

I took off running down the forest, now that I was back on my feet. I came out of the forest and right away was back in the kingdom, I never thought I'd see these buildings from the ground again. I had to focus, I continued running down the street, not sure what I was looking for, but I would know it when I saw it.
"Please be okay Arron, please be okay." I said to myself as I ran.

*Arron's POV*
As the light struck across my face, I was dazed and confused. Things came into focus one at a time, before I realized it I was back outside. I stumbled to my feet, my four feet! I shook like a dog, I was a dog! I freaked out and ran into the street, almost immediately tripping on the ropes around me. I tried to get free, but just as I looked up a horse was about to step on me.

It got up on it's back legs and made a ear retching sound. The person tried to calm him down as I struggled to get away. I barely made it out of the way of being stepped on with no time to spare. I tore out of the ropes and ran down the street smashing into several carts and people. I was so disoriented, my sense were all multiplied by 10 and I was 3 times smaller. Several people yelled at me and threw stuff at me as I ran by. I yelped when someone stepped on my tail which I didn't know I had.

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