b r e e l a n

I told Luke that I needed to clean up, which wasn't 100% a lie, but it wans't 100% true either. I really just needed to think things over about the whole Luke liking me situation. I didn't know what else to do. I've always avoided so many people my entire life, and he's actually putting effort into getting to know me, which I think I really like. As I picked out my clothes and headed to the master bath, I heard the front door close; I was actually hoping that he would stay.

I really needed to think things over so I plugged my iPhone into the speaker dock that I had purchased back in New York City. Since I was the only one in the house, and my neighbors were a mile or two away, I turned up the music as loud as possible. I wanted to listen to music that would help me concentrate on what I'm thinking about. Knowing myself, weather or not I wanted to think, I just put on whatever band was on first since I did use Pandora because I find that when I like a new song I listen to it over and over until I get bored of it, so for me, purchasing songs wasn't really my thing.

I stripped down and turned on the shower to a hot temperature. As I stepped in, one of my favorite songs had turned on, Holiday by Green Day. Finally, something I can clearly rock out to as doing my necessity things. I thought about the whole situation with Luke. Did I truly want to risk my personal motto just because I think I like this one guy? What if he's just faking the whole 'I like you"?

My body really didn't want to think about Luke right now, as I just wanted to get cleaned up and pass out because this jet lag was really getting to me. As I stepped out of the shower, I dried my body off with a super fluffy towel that was already in the bathroom. I may certainly despise Patrick right now, but this house is quite amazing if I do say so. I never have lived or seen something this big because I didn't live in a actual 'house' in NYC. I felt quite alone though; I always had Patrick around or one of the chicks he brought over every night, but I truly had no one right now. I just sighed that thought off because I knew it really didn't matter.

I went down the stairs after my shower just to sit on the couch and watch television. I was so stuck into this one marathon that I didn't even realize 3 hours had passed and it was now 4 o'clock in the morning. I was heading back upstairs when I noticed a little note on the railing.

Dear Breelan,

I'm sry I couldn't stay. My mom wanted me home since she hasn't seen me since b4 tour. I forgot to give you my number earlier so here it is. Txt me sometime so we can hang out again. 123.456.7890

Luke xx

I smiled to myself knowing that Luke actually wanted to keep in contact with me, or he wouldn't have gave me his number. As I walked into the master bedroom and got under the duvet, I put Lukes number in my phone and set the note on the nightstand next to me as I text him.

To: Lukey

Hey, it's Breelan xx

I waited a few minutes as I realized he probably was asleep. I plugged in my phone and rolled over hoping to get some sleep finally, since I can't fall asleep, as my phone went off.

From: Lukey

Hey, what are you doing up? xox

My face turned a light shade of pink as the heat came to my face after I read the fact that Luke put hugs, kisses, hugs instead of hugs, hugs. The whole xoxo thing always annoyed my but now it's actually kind of cute.

To: Lukey

Couldn't fall asleep. It's kind of creepy being here in this house alone...

A couple of seconds later my phone went off again signaling that I had got a text.

From: Lukey

Can't sleep either.

To: Lukey

Hey Luke?

From: Lukey


To: Lukey

This may sound a little weird, but can you come over? I don't want to be alone right now.

From: Lukey

I knew you'd ask ;-) lady's can't resist. Be over in 5

I just laughed at Luke's stupid, perverted remark. He's such an immature, funny child sometimes. I waited for Luke as I scrolled through Twitter for a while until I heard the doorbell. Of course, I was too lazy to get up, so I sent Luke a text telling him that the door was open. As I heard him open the door I yelled that I was upstairs. You could hear him walking up the staircase, as you heard a big thump; oh gosh, he just seriously fell up my stairs.

He walked in with a red face, embarrassed that he just fell up my stairs. He walked over to the bed and sat by me and just smiled, which after a while got a little creepy.

"What," I asked him as I looked down and giggled.

"You're really pretty Breelan," he said staring at me.

My face got all red as I didn't know what to say. Apparently, he noticed and just laughed.

"Movie?" he asked me.

"Sure, but I'll only watch Frozen right now," I said as serious as possible.

We both laughed at my really stupid joke, which I don't understand why. He got up and put the movie into the DVD player as he came and sat right beside me, putting his arm around my shoulder. I was again, really tired so I leaned closer to him, putting my head onto his shoulder.

The movie was almost done as neither of us really paid attention to it, because about half way through the movie, Luke picked up my hand and started playing with it, which was seriously, adorable. I knew it was about 6 in the morning, and I really didn't want Luke to leave, but I knew that his mom would probably be wondering where he was. Luke got up from the bed as I rested myself back down and closed my eyes.

"Goodnight princess," he told me as he leaned down and kissed my forehead.

He turned and walked out of the room and down the staircase without falling this time. I heard the door then shut as Luke got into his car and drove away. I kept replaying that moment in my head. This time, he actually said it out loud, and not while he was sleeping on a plane.

"Goodnight princess," I said as I repeated Luke's words rolling onto my side and smiling to myself in the darkness.

I think I might be falling for Luke, falling really hard.



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