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"No!" I screamed
"She cant be" I shouted
Me, Charlotte and Alfie were in absolute tears. No Gemma. No Gemma.
Charlotte joined our hug.
"Why?" Charlotte stuttered, just enough for me to here
I couldnt reply. It was heart-breaking. My heart shattered, the moniter still played the long beep. Then another beep, then another.
"SHES AWAKE" I said, over joyed
"Mum? Charlotte?" Gemma's small voice said
"DAD!!!" She smiled happily at Alfie
Alfie grinned like...a grinning person? He seemed so happy that he cried happy tears.
"I love you mum and dad" She said weakly
I smiled and Charlotte hugged Gemma.


I had no clue:
•Where I was
•Where 'Dad' was
•Why Charlotte was here
•Or how the hell I was alive

But nothing mattered. I was alive to see my mum and dad, everything that mattered.

"Are you okay Charlotte?" I asked

"Yeah, I'm just glad you are" Charlotte smiled

"When can I leave?" I asked

"3 days or so, they were some nasty cuts" The nurse said

I sighed. Three more days in this scary shithole...

"Zoe, Alfie, Gemma, you will be attending court the day Gemma is released from hospital" The nurse said

"Why?" Mum asked

"Whoever gets Gemma" The nurse said

Mum gasped. I did too.

"So...he m-might get her?" Mum wiped her eyes, evidently trying to stay strong in front of me.

Although in the next three days, staying strong would be impossible... Lucky me

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