Painful Memories

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Tamaki POV

"You know, I actually miss the Host Club, ne mommy?"

"Mmm of course, daddy."

It's already been 20 years since those fateful incidents. We're growing old now, well, it's old to me. I mean, I'm 36! My beauty will soon be fading away; my elegance and gracefulness dulling; my hair losing it's platinum blonde shine... Anyhow, let's get to the story...

High school were the best but also the worst years of our lives. We got to really know each other, and we also had a lot of fun together. There were also a few tragic incidents, but we overcame them alright. The Host Club wasn't just a club; we were a family.


Twenty years ago at Ouran...

"Hikaru!!! Kaoru!!! I command you to get back here and apologize for almost killing my daughter!!!"

"Ne, Tono... It's your fault for not watching Haruhi properly."


Haruhi POV

Ugh... Damn rich people... I can't get a moment of peace with them around... And to top it off, that obnoxious idiot-of-a-king dragged me into his so-called "Host Club". Let me tell you something, I just wanted to find somewhere quiet to study, not become a lesbian player. And the first thing I learnt amongst these rich people wasn't pedigree; I learnt that rich people are downright annoying. Who even bothers to compliment on "The-Making-of-Commoners'-Coffee"? Well, obviously Suoh Senpai felt the need to. He's probably the densest of them all.

"Kyoya Senpai, what are you always writing in that notebook of yours?"

"Hmm? Just keeping track of the Host Club's expenses," he said smiling with a hint of maliciousness.

I shivered at that fake smile. Don't rich people have anything other than hosting to do? There's a sale at the supermarket on pork chops... I wonder if I can make it on time... Maybe there'll be more discounted prices? I wonder if I could leave early...

Tamaki POV

"Hikaru, Kaoru!"

"Yes Tono!"

"You see that? Haruhi is zoning out! That means she isn't enjoying herself... We have to do something to entertain her!"

"Why don't you just let me go to the supermarket and but my groceries?"

"Haruhi! I didn't see you there..." does she always creep up on people like that? And her face right now... SO UNCUTE.


"Milord! Are you alright? Haruhi was especially cold today, maybe there's a really big sale that she's missing?"

I sobbed, "NOOOOO!!! Don't remind me... Haruhi... Never... Fancy Tuna... Cheap... Fake... Tuna..........."

"Tamaki," Kyoya stated calmly, "You're overreacting like usual, and can you please get off the ground? Those costumes are ¥50,000 apiece."

"So cold... Everybody is so cold..." I cried in the corner like I always do. My dearest friends, why are they always so cold towards me? Don't they see that I love them more dearly than I love my own life? I sighed as I stood back up, for Kyoya's sake.

"Say mommy, how would you like to go on a date with me tonight?"

Kyoya narrowed his eyes at me and said slowly and quietly, "I beg your pardon?"

"I. Asked. If. You. Wanted. To. Go. On. A. Date. With. Ton. Meilleur. Ami. Tonight." I smiled and leaned in really close. Ahhhh... the scent of Kyoya drives me crazy. His delicious scent filled my lungs as I took in a large whiff of it.

Kyoya thought and replied after a few moments, "If you insist on calling it a date, then I would have to decline. I prefer the term "hanging out". We aren't in any sort of relationship at the moment, so I insist on calling it an after school reunion or something along those lines."

"But mommy!" I protested, "We're supposed to be husband and wife..."

"Don't be delusional Tamaki."

"Fine," I pouted, "Would you like to hang out with me after school?"

Kyoya chuckled at my reaction and slung an arm around my shoulders, "If you ask it that way, then I'd have to be heartless to object, right? Since it's Friday then alright, where do you want to go, mon ami?"

"I heard that there's a commoners' lantern festival today at the park! How about it?"

Kyoya pondered about my offer and smirked at me, "If that's where your heart leads you, then I'd be glad to accompany you, daddy."

I was shocked. I never knew Kyoya would say something like that to me... My heart... It's pounding... I felt my face turn beet red as I nodded and ran away to hide my hideously blushing visage. Am I really in love with that dark prince?


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