Guy Code.

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This has to be the best show MTV has ever created, besides Girl Code and Guy Court Yes, I watch Guy Court, it's a good show and they teach us what a guy should do and shouldn't do in the rule of guy ( if that even makes sense).

That show helped me get through alot of tough times with stupid people in my school. I knew how a guy's brain worked, so I had no problem getting information from them (like if they are lying to me or if they like somebody, etc.).

It actually, made me realize that Drake kills people because his music sucks. Well, that's there opinion, but in all reality he does suck. Eminem is better! Anyway, you also learn what a guy likes and dislikes in a girl. They also like to gossip about people, so, girls we're not the only people who gossip. That show helped me find people who are not assholes who are just rude to everyone they meet. Also, they teach us what not to do in general and how to use basic common sense which some people in this world need (my class). Sometimes it does get a little weird otherwise it's funny. There are a lot of guess stars on the show like: Vinny (Jersey Shore), Big Black (Fantasy Factory), Tyler Posey ( TEEN WOLF, best show ever!!!!), etc. Yeah, its a good show. #GuyCode.

Anyway, if you guys like it comment and vote if you want me to continue or no!!!

Bye, guys have a happy Saturday!!!!!

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