Chapter Two

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I woke up when the alarm went off. I got up and saw that my room was a message and I had to clean up later. I went to my bathroom and got in the shower. I always use cold water so I can be more awake and I am use to it. I started to take the shower and when I looked down at the water at my feet, it was blood.

I got out immediately and took my gun. I went to all of the rooms , but didn't see anymore blood or a person. I looked at the living room and saw a note saying:

It was nice killing your husband. He was begging and crying like a coward and when I tortured him with knives and took off his clothes to see the wounds that I put on his body. It was the best killing that I have done in my life. Now let's see who is on my list. Oh! You honey. Better get to safety because I will get you.

I had a tear running down my left eye and was scared so I put on clothes and went to work and got the threat note as evidence.

I left immediately the house and went to work.

This couldn't be happening. This guy is smart. He destroyed the building and killed the people that I needed to help me with this threat.

There was police and firefighters, everything. I hope everybody is okay and people may not have been dead. I will check right away.

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