Ch.2:Shattered heart

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Lezlie p.o.v

I get up from bed.Today I have an eye doctor appointment.Ive been seeing blurry with my glasses,so my mom's nurse scheduled an appoinentfor me.

I go into my restroom and brush my teeth.After I brush my teeth,I get ready.I put on a pink tank top,jean jacket,skinny jeans,and black converse.I brush my hair.My hair is wavy and long.

I put my brush down and look at myself in the mirror.I guess my mom is right,I do look pretty.I have my long brown hair and my brown-hazel eyes.I put on my glasses and everything gets blurry.I look at myself in the mirror with them on,I don't look that pretty with them on.I take them off and put them in my hand bag.I walk out of my restroom.I walk into my mom's room.She looks worse than before.

"Mom,Im heading out already,see you when I come back,"I say,leaning on the door frame.

She smiles,then starts coughing,but I see red coming out of her mouth,blood.She wipes it away with her hand,"Ok,be careful,I love you,"she says,but in a whisper.

I smile,"Ok,love you too,mom."

I walk away and go downstairs.I get outside my house.I see Bryana walking my way.

"Hey Brie!"I yell,waving.

She smiles,"Hey!Where are you going?"

"I have an eye doctor appointment,"I say closing my front gate,"Want to come?"

She nods,"Sure."

We start walking.

"So,why are you out walking alone?"I ask her.

She shrugs,"My parents are fighting again."

I nod,"Wow."

"Yeah,"she says,"I didn't really recognize you without your glasses."

I laugh,"Yeah,I think I look better without them."

She nods,"I think so too.Hey!What happen yesterday with Brad?"she says,wiggling her eyebrows.

I shake my head,"He just wanted to humiliate me.He gave me a cupcake with jalapeños in it.He said he would never date me."

She puts a hand on my shoulder,"There's other guys out there and were just 12,we've got lots of time."

I nod.

Soon,we arrive at the eye doctor.We walk in.We walk up to the lady at the front desk.

"Hi,I have an appointment,"I tell her.

"Name?"she asks,typing on her computer.

"Lezlie Padilla,"I say.

It's awesome to have that name,because Anthony from Smosh has it.I totally love it!

She nods,"Your doctor will be with you in a second."

I nod.

Bryana and I sit on some chairs.I get on my phone and go on twitter.I see that SmoshIan tweeted something.I check it.

Ok,Anthony and I are doing a challenge,backwards challenge.We want you guys to send us tweets on what things we should do,then we'll do it,but backwards.Tag it to #smoshbackwardschallenge

I tweet quick.

Jump rope while skipping! #smoshbackwardschallenge

I finish tweeting.I put my phone away.
I see my doctor.He calls out my name.I get up and walk over to him,Bryana is going to wait.

My doctor leads me to his room.

"Ok Lezlie,sit on the chair,"he says.

I sit on the chair.

"Ok lezlie,you said that you can't see with your glasses on,correct?"he says,

I nod.

"All right.Did you bring them?"

I nod.

"Put them on please."

I put on my glasses,as he sets up the machine.

"Ok lezlie,"he puts the machine in front of my eyes,"Tell me what you see."

I look into the machine.I can't even tell what I'm looking at.

"I don't know,"I say.

He moves the machine away."Take off your glasses please."

I take them off and hand them to him.He puts the machine back to my eyes.

"What do you see?"he says.

I look into the machine,I see a hot air balloon.

"I see a hot air balloon,"I say.

He smiles,"Good!"

He pulls the machine away,"Ok Lezlie,say goodbye to your glasses because you don't need them anymore!You may go now."

I smile,"Ok."

I get up and head over to Bryana.

She gets up when she sees me.We get out of the hospital and leave.

I open the door to my house.I walk upstairs.I can hear my mom's nurse crying.Why would she be crying.I walk into my mom's room and almost faint.

On the bed,lies my mom's body,lifeless,her mouth dripping blood to her chin,down her neck.

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