Date... NO! Drowning?... Honey Senpai!?

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~Chapter START~

"Paige, I swear to God, if you start to attack anyone in the Host Club, the panic room in the basement will not stop my wrath from meeting and attacking you," I say flatly as Paige gallops around my family's small apartment.

Yes, Paige had been the mysterious clump that had stuck out like a sore thumb among the hellhole known as Music Room #3. So now, she resides herself in the cozy Logan residence. At least until we get full permission from her real family back in the states.

Although Dad had insisted that I should've been in school, I couldn't just let him do all the work, trying to situate three living, screaming, and partially crazy teens, under one roof. Someone get this man a medal for this! I mean, dealing with me is crazy enough but throw in someone else that could potentially --you know-- take over the country, continent, or the world; just depends on what kind of mood she is in, he needs to be recognized.

Anyway, I had spent the past few days helping rearrange the pigpen (also known as my room) to be at least presentable until Dad could get ahold of Paige's folks; which also reminded me to check in with Haruhi later on for the homework I needed to catch up on. With the thought fresh within my mental capacity, I set out to find out where my phone was hiding, well until the noise of something slamming against a hard surface froze me in place.

A grunt of pain finally made me come out of my trance and sent me running into the closest room with a lock. Which was my bedroom. I slam the door shut before quickly locking and pushing myself against the locked door. "Someone give me the power of the Tardis, quickly or else this Bell isn't going to be ringing anymore." I shake my head from the thought, "Now is not the time to think of 'The Doctor' Bell, not in a decision between life and death."

The creaking of someone walking across the floorboards made me kind of regret and thank the old wooden things that seem to give away the exact location of the person who's found themselves in home comfortable.

"Takashi, I don't think Bell-chan is home. I thought she would be, but I guess not." A child-like voice says, wait, a very familiar childlike voice. The grunt that followed it confirmed who was exactly prodding through my living room; hopefully, Honey hadn't found the secret stash of Pocky and various sweets.

I slowly open my door, grateful the wooden thing that held my privacy had decided not to be a stubborn butt and squeak like Lily normally does, helping me keep my hidden position. As I peered around the door, I caught sight of the two, who were extremely out of place: looking fancy compared to the few main objects from the small time we had all lived in America.

Taking great caution, I close the door and put my back once again, against it, this time though, trying desperately to hold in the fit of giggles that wanted break from my mouth and sing out the situation I had thought I was in. Honey and Mori, were the intruders who threatened my one-on-one date with Netflix. I pout as the thought invaded my mind, and crossed my arms and glared at the ceiling above me. Oh fate, oh destiny, oh whatever you are that decides to be cruel in my time of need, WHY?!

Shoving the thought out of my head for later, I take a deep breath as I grip the doorknob and head out of my haven for the past few minutes. The door creaked loudly as I made my dramatic entrance, that seemed to scare the crap out of both boys. (Honey with a terrified girly squeal, and Mori with almost audible grunt) We all just stood there, staring at one another, almost daring the others to speak out and ruining the petrified experience the boys had gone through.

It wasn't Mori, nor Honey that broke the silence we had all created. No, it was the sound of a strangled moan that echoed out of the room straight across of mine. A wave of red washes over my face and slap my hands over my ears. "Oh. My. Ever. Loving. God." I mumble before looking up at Mori and Honey.

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