Chapter 23

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7 year old Kenna and 3 year old Logan rush to the door. We are rushing out the door so we can get to Moms wedding. Ever since Dad left, Mom had been looking for someone to keep her company. About a year ago, she found a man named Jim. He is perfect for her. 3 months ago, he proposed. Now the big day is here.

When we get to the church, we go and get ready. Me and Kenna are both maids of honor. Mom couldn't decide between us, so she chose both. Logan is the best man. The music starts and Mom walks down the isle. She steps up beside Jim. They recite their vows, and the priest marries them. They kiss and we all head to the reception area. We all dance and then Jim makes a toast. About two hours later, they head off to their honeymoon. But before they go, I have to tell them something.

"Mom, I'm pregnant!"

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